Getting confused on orientation

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    Okay, here's the thing.

    Most people say that I act and look like any other guy which is true with the exception of me being overly sensitive and I prefer guys over girls in terms of casual and romantic company. This made me think I'm gay. I have not much interest in dating girls right now but I feel that I should start thinking about. I grew up being bullied as gay so the idea stuck in my mind is that being gay is wrong and something to be ashamed of that's why I told myself that I would marry to a girl in the future. That way, I might be able to push the idea of liking guys away from my head and be able to help continue our family lineage which should be a responsibility of a man. I also would like to have a biological child, something that I might not be able to have if I married to a guy. On that note, I'm really getting confused on what I am? Gay or bi or whatever?

    My other problem is what if I don't get the interest of dating a girl or find the girl that would be my future wife? What if I am unable to find a male partner for me? I would end up being alone through my entire life. I've lived my life like that already, I don't want to live like that for the rest of my life.

    Any opinions?
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    Date somebody you have an interest in and love- let somebody else worry about finding the label that fits. You have no greater responsibility in the world than to doing what you feel is right and what makes you happy.
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    Labels are for soup cans. I'm extremely gay, and proud. I came out at 21, but I always knew was gay since childhood. Takes others time to come to terms with it.

    Don't give up hope on finding love. With that said I'm 42 and alone.

    I'm not going to give up, just, yeah, I know its not easy to admit to yourself. Feel free to PM me if you would like to chat, or a friend request would be nice, too.

    Best wishes to you, and try to be happy, and fill your heart with only love. Love will guide you....:)
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    Don't worry about the sex of who you find. Be happy when you find the one for you, whether they be male or female. As far as this label you are worried about. Be proud of who you are and not be shamed by how others perceive you. If you are gay, then guess what? You are gay and that is how you were made. There is nothing to be ashamed of when if comes to being who you are. As far as being alone? Don't worry about that. You need to be comfortable with yourself before anyone will be comfortable with you. Be confident. Be proud. You are perfect in your own right. That being said, my best friend is gay. Anyone who is your friend will remain comfortable with you no matter what your orientation.
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    Everyone is saying it so well. Date around find someone you like and don't worry about the labels... I use to worry about labels, I dated guys and girls turns out I like both.. I just like to see human , we are all human so to me what's the difference. If it turns out you're gay then there's still ways to live the way you dream of, you'll have a loving partner, you can still have a biological child (I've seen it done, surrogates) life has many options and many roads that lead where you want to go... I use to be afraid of being alone too but I thought hey if I'm alone I can find happiness in other things, make yourself happy and life should fall into place. I wish you the best, be who you are, don't lose yourself because it's the most important thing <3