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getting depressed and worried bout moving out

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by ZERO2008, Sep 25, 2008.

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  1. ZERO2008

    ZERO2008 Well-Known Member

    ok im 25 and i will be getting a flat soon im worried that i cant cope and il get evicted, i mean im a nice person i dnt cause trouble and il be claiming housing benefit aswell as incap but, i need to notify alot of people when i have moved like bank internet provider jobcentre etc list goes on,

    i mean if my incap gets stopped suddenly i wont be able to survive i mean id have a roof just no food

    im worried bout lots of stuff and i cant take it its to much of a burden on my mind but when i get my own place it shud get easier over time as the eco system will lower eventually

    any help would be appriciated as i just find all this hard same with a tenancy i dnt know if i can live there til im old or what or is private renting like house/flat hopping all the time

    for council tax i get 25% off anyway for being single living alone
    then i get housing benfit so much a month on rent
    i get incap for my problems mentioned in threads in the past
    only things i cant claim benefit for is

    but i think i shud cope on a low income lots of other people do right i dunno im so confused my head hurts :(
  2. SAVE_ME

    SAVE_ME Well-Known Member

    Hey, I felt exactly the same way as you when I first moved out a month ago, but trust me it does get easier, and the independence is just awesome. I too was worried about notifying the bank etc of my new address, but once all that's sorted out and you're settled in, I'd say give it about a week or two and things will be much easier. Hell, this is coming from someone who, four weeks ago, didn't even know how to do his own laundry, and now? I'm doing cooking, cleaning and laundry etc. It's always gonna be a little scary at first, but once you've settled in it won't be that bad.
  3. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    How long is your tenancy for? Usually landlords don't like evicting for no good reason, as long as the rent is coming in they leave you alone. It's not like owning a house, so I doubt you could stay there forever but maybe a good few years if all goes well. :smile:

    Don't worry about getting evicted. Do you know if HB is paying your rent directly to the landlord or to you?

    Like I said in another thread- look into getting Income Support and DLA. Get help with that DLA form.

    Yeah you're living on very little and I had to do exactly that for a long while.

    Get all your papers photocopied as offices can lose them.
  4. ZERO2008

    ZERO2008 Well-Known Member

    what so i do all this work for what a flat to rent for 3 years what is the point then ggg4567

    so i do have to keep hopping from place to palce thats just fcuking great :<
  5. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I know, not having a secure place where you don't need to do all of this- it is a headache.

    It's just a legal thing, apparently after 3 years, there needs to be a break of a week, before the next 3 years start- otherwise the tenants have 'rights' to the property. So maybe after those three years, your landlord will have no problem letting you stay there another 3 years.

    It also depends on the landlord as he/she might want to sell up or whatever but don't let that worry you, they always give you good time to prepare before you have to leave.

    Yeah I know it's a lot of work, bother, headache and stress especially when you're unwell.

    Break it down into small steps. It gets easier after a while. And after a while, when you do move, it won't be such a headache as you'll be used to it- or maybe you'll be in better mental health to cope with it better. Get in touch with that Welfare Rights officer as they'd advise you better as to benefits and how to fill up forms well.

    Good luck with it all Zero.
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  6. ZERO2008

    ZERO2008 Well-Known Member

    so basically i do all this hard work to live somewhere the nafter 3 years i fgotta do it all again pay ppl to move my stuff out to a new place and keep doing that every 3 years yea great idea thanks for not helping ggg123456 or whatever ur name is what is the point in even finding a private property to live in just for 3 years might aswell not even bother!
  7. ZERO2008

    ZERO2008 Well-Known Member

    ok easier just to kill myself than get all this stress ty for helping me die, cos i dnt need this crap 3 years living in a place not worth it for all the work u put into it
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