Getting Dumped :(

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    I chose to write this in the "sexual orientation" forum seeing as this thread is mostly about me being bisexual.

    I was brought up by homophobic parents and had homophobic friends, so I was in the closet for a very long time. In fact, it was only about two weeks ago that I thought, fuck it, I'll let them find out who I really am and I won't care. I was in this state of mind because I had finally found a girlfriend (I am a girl) who loved me as much as I loved her. I think it's safe to say it was the first proper loving relationship I'd ever had. It was the best feeling in the world after having to deal with 18 years of people never truly accepting me for who I am, and never being able to have the perfect relationship.

    Unfortunately, she dumped me yesterday. This has happened before with my one other ex girlfriend, the reason being that she sadly has feelings for a boy. Now, I've often had people tell me, "never trust a bisexual", but I could never live to that statement seeing as I am bi myself. Anyway, she says she can't trust herself to be faithful to me, even though she loves me and wants to be with me. I find this excuse possibly has a hidden meaning, and she just doesn't want to tell me that after she's had time to get to know me, she actually finds me repulsive, I don't know.

    Anyway, I've kinda lost all will to do anything. My parents don't know anything, and only a select few friends are trying to help me through it. Most people who know, however, refuse to support me at all due to their homophobia. So, here I am, wanting to scream. I could really really appreciate an ear.
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    how are u
    first welcome to SF

    im so sorry to hear that...I feel u...I know u are in pain from people not accepting Bi and your relations from another...Its realy painful...
    bi is like any other relation in the world...she dump u...her lost....I feel from your are so will find another relation....if she dumb you that mean shes not your soulmate and the end......if you search, you can find your soulmate...and this girl will be'll find girl who love you for who you are and chirch you...maybe bi is more diffecult that not mean you give up...but it mean that your path and story in life more meanful of how you find your girl...a story that can tell to other...its not diffecult with bi ...its sure you can find sweet girl like you...
    you can pm me anytime darling

    take care
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    That must be tough to have the people around you be so closed-minded.
    -__- I was raised with a gay uncle, and many of my friends in highschool were gay or bi... I've only heard the horror stories about coming out and what families reactions are.

    Unfortunately since I've never been in your shoes, I can't really give you any advice-- but I'll be around if you need to talk about it!
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    I have dealt with this issue and don't listen to people who say don't trust bisexuals. If someone is going to cheat on you, they'll do it whether it be someone of the same or different orientation.

    The sexuality has NOTHING to do with it. Don't get bent out of shape over it. I've been dumped many many times before by men and women. I just keep on pushing because I know the person for me is just waiting...
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    I'm bi and raised by homophobic parents. I agree with the others who say the sexuality has nothing to do with it.
    Today I had a verbal fight with a gay man, judgemental, that doesn't mean all gay men are judgemental, it means that HE is. But he'd be judgemental also if he was straight.
    Besides, I think bi's are great!