Getting evicted for the first time in my life.

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    I moved in with my boyfriend at the very end of June. I was still in the process of unpacking, so the place was a bit hectic and there were boxes everywhere waiting to be taken to the recycling center. There were some dirty clothes on the floor because my bf comes in and just takes his work clothes off right in the middle of the living room and drops them there and I hadn't picked them up yet. Also, a few minutes prior, the cat knocked over a small stack of junk mail on the side table and knocked it onto the floor and I didn't notice. Then the landlord made a surprise visit. Today there was an eviction notice taped to our door. Bf called him and he said he won't change his mind. We have 30 days to move out. We have 2 dogs and a cat, no money for a deposit, I don't know what we're going to do. It would be hard to find another house with a fenced in yard for the dogs and his dog is not house-trained, mine is, but they are also both big dogs (mine is 50lbs, his is 75lbs).
    I just moved and I hate moving.
    I'm so upset right now.
    I could use any support, advice, anything right now. I'm so lost.
    Edit: Also I found out that bf was 2 weeks late on rent. I assume that was the nail in the coffin.
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    Hey there,
    Unfortunately i haven't been evicted just yet. So i don't have much advice.

    But it's a manageable situation for sure! Save every penny you can for a deposit. Maybe if possible find odd jobs for spare $.

    You can clean houses/ect. As for pets, i'm sure you will find a place you can keep them. Maybe train your boy friend's?

    If you have trusted family/friends, you can temporarily have them watch the dogs, and meow. Just till you can better situate your self.

    Make sure you pay rent on time.
    Maybe take care of it, if you remember it better. You can survive this!

    Life gets chaotic, but just breathe.
    Step back from things, and just try to figure it out. Maybe not very comforting, but you can fix this!
  3. Raven

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    Evictions take a long time, take it from me who rented a room in my own primary residence, it was 90 days + from the notice, my advice talk with the landlord and ask him why he wants you out, that should be the very first step.
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    My boyfriend already tried talking with him, he wouldn't budge.
    @ Lorax, I've tried training her not to jump on me and she is honestly dumb as a brick. She's sweet, but seems that she cannot be trained.
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    Well if you tried explaining to him and he won't listen to reason, he doesn't sound like a very nice person. I was in a similar situation last year, got an eviction notice for 23 days (that's not legal, but a lot of what was done wasn't), and I think it was from around the beginning of May to the end of June that was the time period to move out. But I think evictions usually take longer than that. The landlord said there was filthy upkeep of the house, even though he hadn't been in the house for years, and anything that was messed up was because of his neglect. Some landlords are just unreasonable and only care about the money and not about their tenants or anything else. Even though you just moved, if he won't listen to what you're saying, and if he's going to act like that, then maybe finding a better place would be ideal.