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Getting help when in crisis- crisis resolution teams

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Hiim not really too sure how to ask this so please bear with me.
I recieved a phone call last wed saying my first counselling session is on this wed. Im really struggling to cope with just the thought of it im absolutly dreading it.
Anyway the last two days have been so awful worrying about it. I really dont want to go and am trying anything to not. Ive got so worked up ive cut myself again and today taking a few more solphadeine than i should have but nothing still just pure panic.
Im on mertazapine and usually they help me sleep but the last two nights i have struggled.
Anyway i guess my question is can i phone the crisi team even though i have been discharged from their care a couple weeks ago i have been told by someone that you cant. Surely this is not right i only have a mobile which is capped so i cant phone samaritans as its an 08 number and i cant phone family as they will just etll me to get a grip or worse phone an ambulance. I need some sort of distraction. Ive tried cleaning but i just keep looking at cleaning stuff thinking i could poison myself. I dont know what to do i dont want to go down the road of a and e and crisis team home visits again i just want a distraction sorry its long


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Why not just try? It couldn't hurt. Personally, I think they'd welcome your call. It'd be weird if they denied you any help.


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Sorry things are so difficult.. just wanted to say that if it would help to call the samaritans you could try looking for your local branch (or any branch) and calling them directly, i.e. no need to go via the 0845 number.


Sometimes if you click on a branch (try a few) it gives their direct number and sometimes it directs you to their personal website, which again sometimes has a direct number on it. If you phone it it's no different than phoning the 0845 number and they don't know any different.

Hope you're able to keep yourself safe

Jenny x
oh, this maybe redundant, but

Samaritans UK & ROI
Contact by: Face to Face - Phone - Letter: - Email:
Helpline 1: 08457 909090 (UK local rate) or +44 1603 611311
Helpline 2: +44 (0) 8457 90 91 92 (UK minicom)
Helpline 3: 1850 60 90 90 (ROI - local rate)
Helpline 4: 1850 60 90 91 (ROI minicom)
Website: www.samaritans.org
Email Helpline: jo@samaritans.org
24 Hour service:


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Try going on the website so no to 0870 and you can usually get a landline number to call.

If you are realy struggling then you may be best off going through the ED and you can speak to Crisis team that way. I think they would probably advise that anyway.

Hope you got the support you needed.

Let us know



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Hi, sorry you are having a bad time =( Unfortunately you can't self refer to Crisis team. If you call them after discharge, they won't help you, they will just tell you to go to either A&E or your GP and ask them to refer you. I have been down this road sooo many times with them, Its wrong but I understand why they do it this way =(.
Hope you manage to get some help soon *hug*
Hi i dont want them to come out to me or self refer i only want a distraction for when im feeling like giving up which is quite often to be honest. I just wanted to know would they just hang up on me if i phoned just for someone to talk to
Im not wanting to self refer orwant them to come out to me i just wanted to know if i can phone them to distract me from killing myself when things get on top of me which is often. Would they just hang up the phone on me. I just need someone to talk to
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