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Getting lonelier than ever


SF Supporter
I don’t know what to do. Can’t go home to see loved ones. And I don’t have anyone here. I’m all alone... i’m just not happy no more
You've got us!! Just remember THAT!!! :) I know it isn't much, or quite the same as family. . . but we are here for you! :^) We care for, and about You... You're in another country now, correct? If you can't find any humans, or bodies to spend time with and hang, just know that we've got your back!! ;) Think the world, of you CD! I truly do-
Hello. I just had a breakdown today because I have been realizing that I was just working and working and it dawned on me that I don’t enjoy life in general anymore. I literally live alone and it’s so hard to spend time with friends as the situation does not really permit us and it’s just so hard. One thing that could really make me happy right now is to see my family and partner back home but I don’t Know when that will happen or if it will ever happen. But thank you, for being there. You just put a smile to my face. 🪐

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