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Getting old sucks

When your young you take your health for granted, your not going to get old! But it creeps up on you, if your healthy then it's a doddle, but when bending over becomes an extreme sport and quite often ends up with your back going into spasm, not so much. I suppose up until a few years ago l took it all for granted as well as l hadn't had any major illnesses, but each year bring the worry of something going seriously wrong. For your 60th birthday you get a bowel cancer screening kit. I didn't fill in that one after reading the instructions, rifling through poo first thing in the morning just didn't appeal for some reason. However when another arrived and there was a big advertisement campaign on TV about it, l finally gave in and completed it. Of the joy when l received another to fill in as the first one was inconclusive. That came back ok, but they still weren't satisfied and l had to do a third test. That one came back as abnormal and l now have to go and be assessed for an colonoscopy. My mum died of cancer, which spread to her bowel and she ended up with a coloscomy and an ilioscomy. Now l worry that the back pain l experience is something more sinister. Am l urinating too often, l know l won't drink that way l won't go and l can pretend it's ok. The trouble is, when I'm worried or stressed l do go more often so it's the old chicken and egg routine. I joined the gym, l think l went a few times, l got a hamstring injury, so now it's the chiropractor again and some acupuncture. It's all so tiring. Twice in the last few weeks l have lost time off work through my back/hip going into spasm, it went into spasm just by my sitting on the loo! Sometimes l long to just not wake up, just let me go quietly in my sleep l pray.
Yes agree getting old does suck ...sending you positive thoughts for your colonoscopy...I had one and they found 6 polyps but weren't cancerous....it's one of those things you know that you should/need to do it but scared at the same time of the results....now am on regime of metamucil...makes me feel so old but know that it's a good idea at the same time....hope your hamstring gets better quickly...sending you hugs....


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I have had several colonoscopies. Other then the preparation they really are not bad at all. So try not to worry. And all my polyps have been non-cancerous. So try not to worry. Yep, I am repeating myself. The plumbing just doesn't always work right as we getting older. And there are other fiber supplements out there then Metimucil. That stuff is horrid. Others are flavorless and do not thicken on standing. Prune juice is also supposed to be good. You just have to guzzle it really fast and then have something to wash it down. :mad: I just tried to start having a bit each day. Exercising does not really require a gym. Pick up a few hand weights. Even 5 or 10 pounders; and use them. And try and take a walk each day. A nice heating pad can be great for the back. Hmmmm. Maybe we should start a thread on 'How to Deal with Getting Old'. Take care of yourselves @Valderee and @Kiwi2016


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I'm sorry I know this doesn't help coming from a young guy , yeah I guess I do take my health for granted , :confused: even before my issues for coming here I never wanted to get old . Hang in there guys and gals :)


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Miralax, is marvelous, clear, odorless, tasteless, mixes with anything and you don't know its there. There are lots of generics of it that are cheaper. I use that and prunes.

Ah the joys of getting old.


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If you don't mind me asking - I'm curious at what age you guys started to really feel the effects of aging? The people I've asked have said for them it was around age 60. How about for you?


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Well, there was menopause. That was in my early fifties. It has its rough spots. But late fifties to 60 sounds good for the floor dropping from under me.
But then I know people quite a bit older then me who are doing well. A lot of it is in the genes and how well you took care of yourself.

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