Getting Older!

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    its interesting because i was told at the age of 21, that if the longer i left things, the harder it would be to find someone. i knew even then that the idea of being single worried me, as i genuinely want to connect with someone. ive met amazing people over the years but for one reason or another, decided they were nt for me.

    its a little sad to see all the people i had once met now in long term relationships. those who are left, im seeing have their own problems, which is probably why they have not been snatched up sooner.

    i would like to go back in the past and perhaps pursue a few of the people id once met, as now that im more mature, i realise their worth and that i was a little to judgemental. im also beginning to realise that i cannot change peoples minds and need to simply let go, live my life and see who comes about.