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    I have not had a job for more than a few months, an it was not one that I managed to get myself. I am unqualified for anything aside from minimum wage, and where I am now I'm not good enough for even that. I did manage to have a job earlier this year, but I was not good at it at all and was fired. But at my age, most people seem to have done one or more of these:
    a) completed university
    b) started a job (minimum wage or not)
    c) started a family
    d) traveled extensively.
    I have not done any of those. I feel like I'll always be inferior--Literally everything I've tried at, I've failed. I almost feel like I had a previous life where I was a terrible person. I must have done something to deserve this.

    On top of that, my little buddy is sick and I'm sure that he's dying. I don't know how much others value pets, but I value him pretty much most of all. At my most down, he would cheer me up just by being there. I can't lose him yet, because he's so young. The medication is not working.

    I like to spill in this forum, even if nobody reads it. Oddly enough, I feel frustrated that in another forum where I mentioned my sick little pal, the thread got mostly ignored in favour of fashion threads. I don't know what I wanted. Attention? Probably not, but I guess I feel like they are somehow unintentionally demeaning my pet. Maybe because it's my whole world, and finding the right shoes is very unimportant to me right now.

    Have a cow because it's cute :cow:
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    Do not worry pinchy,you cute little munchkin you.I have not achieved a,c or d and b is almost a distant memory.

    Care about your little buddy, for they are far more important than fashion will ever be,do not worry if the brain dead ignore you just because you are heart alive.
    You have someone to care for who cares their little heart out back at you.That is of far more worth than knowing what kind of spangles will be sewn on to the new Christian Dior trousers for this season. :)
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    What is your pet? Maybe there is something that will pull him through.
    my pets have always been a mega part of my life and everytime one dies I grieve so know exactly how you must be feeling with your little fella being sick :hug:

    As to the other thing, maybe you've not reached your potential age yet.
    At school I was good at all the humanity subjects: english, history, art etc.
    but the sciences and maths were completely beyond me.
    Many years later I took maths, chemistry, physics and biology at A level and aced them :biggrin: so maybe I just had to wait for my brain to be ready to learn them.
    Everyone has some sort of skill be it academic, arty or good with their hands such as carpenters etc. All you need to is find what it is thats right for you.
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    yeah... getting older/growing up sucks.

    I had to drop out of my first year of college because I didn't have the money to pay for it. I was going to get married-- figured I could at least have a family if I couldn't be a college graduate; but my fiancee broke up with me because I'm agoraphobic. I can't get a fucking job because I'm too terrified to leave my room alone and I have never left the province before in my entire live.
    I get it.

    Meanwhile-- everyone I went to school with is graduated from university/college~ getting married, has great jobs, has traveled the world and I'm a loser who sits in her room all day panicking because the outside world is big and scary.

    You're not alone in not having 'accomplished' anything.
    Shit takes more time for some people and less for others. Some people just aren't meant to do everything during their life, I guess.
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    thank you guys. I'm kind of losing it at the moment because I got into a big argument with my mother where she punched me (claiming I was hysterical--it didn't hurt, but was annoyed), SHe never lets me make my point in arguments, she just shouts at me to shut up. I think I'm beginning to genuinely hate her. I swear I'd just take off, if it weren't for him.

    What's worse is that I scared him. he's not in a condition to be scared. Hopefully he'll be all right.
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    Micheal J Fox said recently that his happiness is proportional to his self acceptance and inversely proportional to his expectations.
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    Living with the parents never gets any better. If you're not happy at 20 living with them you won't be happy at 40. I know it's hard right now, but you need to keep one foot in front of the other. Don't rush too fast, but make progress. You need money in the bank. And friends. Just keep going at it until you can summon the courage to go out on your own. I'm probably 10 years older than you and still with my pappa. Please don't do what i've done. Don't throw away 10 years. Use them. You'll thank yourself later. It's like homework. It's a bit** at first, but once you get it done it's a sigh of relief and not only that but you now know something more than you did before.

    Don't focus on those that have it worse than you or those that do things 3x better. That's the formula for a bitter unfulfilled life. Instead you should focus on the money and what it will do for you. Money is independence. Money is kewl. Don't buy the BS that it's bad. Greed is good. Acting dumb isn't. It's not greed that hurts us. I think it's ignorance about how things work that hurts us.

    Wipe your hands clean of emotion and get busy.
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    Trouble is I literally can't get a job. I've tried, and I just got fired. Most places won't hire me because I'm not qualified for them. I even got tested for a job and never heard back from them.

    As for friends? Offline, they are impossible to make. I'm not good company.
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    Am assuming you're state side :unsure:
    Here in the UK we have training programmes for the long time unemployed, can be anything from computers to butchering (thats cutting up meat not butchering your neighbours :laugh:)
    Have a look round and ask your employment office, there may be a course that would give you the necessary skills to get a reasonable job, who knows, you might even enjoy it.

    Hope the pet is doing ok :hug:
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    The pet is doing great!:stars:

    As for employment, I've been turned down. I live in a bilingual area, and I cannot learn the main language due to massive...stupidity? I'm not sure.
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    I'm not sure if boosting this thread is a good idea but I am up way late (or early?) and I am now scared.

    I live in a place where English is trying to be kept down, and they're soon passing more laws. I've considered pursing further education here (it is available in English) but it would take years which I really can't spare. I think I need to get out of here but that is not so easy. I have medical needs that would need to be transferred somehow, and without the skills, experience, or education nobody wants me to work for them even in English-dominated areas. I wish my brain worked better. It's frustrating being dumber than your peers.
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    :hugtackles: Welcome back to SF.