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Getting over my ex?

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by GoingGone89, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. GoingGone89

    GoingGone89 Member

    It's been a bit over a year since he and myself broke up
    I don't live with the illusion that I love him or that if I were with him
    I would immediately be happy, that's just not true.

    I proly even know what I need to do to forget him, or at least begin to.
    We were together for about 2 months
    And I can honestly say he's the first person I loved and genuinely wanted to preserve in my life.

    So I mean, I'm not crazy stalking him on facebook or anything
    I know things I could do to get over him, date other ppl maybe?
    It's kinda difficult since I've pretty much disconnected myself from my usual social scene, and I'm not working right now
    So It's pretty hard to move on considering I've nowhere to move on to, at least atm

    I'm not expecting a magical answer to make me forget him, just wondering about other peoples experience with this type of situation, words of wisdom
    idk whatever you think might help, or simply wanna share yourself

    Thanks for reading, and thanks to those who post! :p
  2. KittyGirl

    KittyGirl Well-Known Member


    You need to keep busy!
    If you're up for dating, the opportunity to do it will come along but it's okay to not want to date, you know?
    Something that I think could help you- is getting involved in more activities.
    If it's possible to volunteer places- I think you should go for it! You can meet people, have conversations with people, do something worthwhile and feel good for volunteering-- I would definitely volunteer but my social phobia is a bit much for me to imagine trying to, at the moment.

    If you have the money for it, perhaps join some classes at a local ymca or community college-- for simple things. Things you are interested in learning and normally wouldn't bother trying.
    Sticking to something and learning and being in a class environment would be helpful for you, I think.

    I'll also be trying my suggestions once I'm ready to be out and about.
    It was almost 8 years together though... and so far it's been one and a half single and I've no desire at all to try again yet. It takes time-- even if the relationship didn't last for a really long period of time.
    If you were invested emotionally-- it can take quite awhile before you can move on. (that's what I've observed, anyways~)
    Don't stress on dating though, really...
    I don't think that just getting out and dating around is going to be a magic spell for you to get over your ex completely.
    I have friends who get out and date and actually begin to feel worse; so make sure to take it at your own pace.
    Having him deleted from social networks you may have him 'friended' on would probably help too. Just not having his updates in your feed-- in your face all the time is another step too, I think.
  3. GoingGone89

    GoingGone89 Member

    Hi, thanks for you reply
    That is actually pretty good advice
    I hadn't though about stuff like that.

    I think your right about it, Dating is kinda the last thing I wanna do right now
    I'll just have to take my time with it.

    I'm seriously going to consider, some volunteer work
  4. *dilligaf*

    *dilligaf* Staff Alumni

    i was with my ex for two years .. he finished with me 2 weeks ago .. i know just how you are feeling