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getting rid of temptation - any pro-life suggestions?

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A few months ago, I bought a rope, for reasons familiar to many here.

Things haven't exactly come right yet, but it seems sensible to put it beyond my reach, especially as my mood could well dip again.

My question is: does anyone have any pro-life suggestions as to what to do with it?

It cost me £83, is 12 metres long, and is made from traditional materials in a traditional way.

For obvious reasons, I'm not going to offer it to anyone here. It's too thick to go through the fairleads of a modern yacht, but might be useful on a tall ship.

It seems a pity to throw it away, but I'd rather not have it anywhere near me.

Does anyone have any sensible suggestions as to what to do with it?


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Could a nursery or day care for children use it to build a swing? or do you know any parents that would make a strong swing for their kids? Farmers might need it for the stock. Bell Ringers need rope for church bills?

I agree that temptation may strike anytime. Clean now.
Hope this helps.
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