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getting rid of the bad thoughts

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lost soul

How do you get rid of the thoughts that just creep into your head?

Everything I do I manage to turn it into a thought of suicide. I have had a bath, but had to get out as the urge was too much.

I feel a total let down. I have let the most important people in my life down. I can't smile. I cant laugh.


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I try hard to "install" other thoughts, positive and happier thoughts: people and animals I love, beautiful places I've been to or seen pictures of, happy events in life, thinking of something good I did for or to someone else - including animals. (I feed and shelter every stray cat in my neighborhood and feel good seeing them sleeping in a warm straw and catnip filled shelter intead of out in the cold:smile: )

I just try to substitute other, better thoughts than the hurtful or self destructive ones.

love and hugs,



I tend to call myself bad names until I get so sick of myself I go to sleep. Not healthy I know but I normally wake up feeling better than I did and if I dont I pull the covers over my head and try again.
Getting rid of the bad thoughts can be so hard. I try to think of things that make me happy, but cannot always do this. Get a box and put things in it that make you feel good. It may be pictures, bath salts, favorite perfume, lotion, candy bar, anything you can think of. Maybe a piece of a favorite blanket, just anything. When the thoughts start, go to the box and concentrate on the contents. You may even write yourself a letter pointing out the good things about you. Or something someone else has sent to you. Don't know if this helps or not, but it is something you may be able to try. I wish you peace hun. Take care. :hug:


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wow, your post sounds like my thoughts SO much.

I have went through many different things. Emailing friends, reading cartoons on the net, anything that is uplifting, and if nothing else, read the posts, and get my mind off of myself. The best thing you can do is get your mind off of YOU and what YOU are going through. Yes, there are those times things are way to tempting, and even a soothing bath, you can turn into a harmful thought. I go through that alot, even to the point of, do I do the things I need to. It is hard, and alot of us are going through this. Just make you a list of things that would get your mind off of you, when you are feeling ok, then refer to the list when things get hard. It may help.

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