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    ok honey this is what i wanted you to see i get annoyed since every wednesday and Thursday i can be assured to be left at home by myself which i don't mind at times to have some space and quiet on my own but why i don't like her going out on these days is because she becomes a taxi sevice for her whole family and runs them around town all day as it's there pay day and they don't put in for fuel as my girlfriend would go through at least $60 worth of fuel in them 2 days and they don't help out when the rego is due or the tyres need fixing or any other machanical problems money for maintance they all seem to be dependant on each other as it doesn't stop at running them around for nother like they are always asking for food from us or if they invite us over for tea i can garentee we will be taking some food from our place and i sick of helping people out who cannot help themselves like we have to live also and by friday we are almost out of fuel and hardly any food in the house as we have 3 children to feed as well as ourselves and the times i've talked to my girlfriend about this it has never changed even getting fuel money off her family never happens and i totally give up as my girlfriend keeps tell me i am trying to stop her seeing her family which is not the case at all as she can see them when ever she likes it's just when we have to do without for her family members bludging off us. and i am not sure if i am over reacting or if i am being stupid asking my girlfriend to get some money at least for driving them around all day and i'm not sure what to do or how i should react anymore.
    and i am not using this forum anymore as it's yours i have other forums to use so cya.
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    This is why i hate this site is because you cannot edit your own post maybe i want to add stuff or delete stuff and you cannot do stuff like that where other sites have them features no wounder i am finished with this site
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    i know u hate me because i am watching u 24/7