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    Well I haven't been on this website in a while which hasn't been great, I wish I'd kept visiting everyday because I've had some severely low points, I'm still here so that's something good I guess.

    I've been on Sertraline for a couple months now I think, recently got my dosage upped to twice a day, and so far it's been helping at least one day a week and I'm glad I'm somewhat progressing. I've also been going out more, just with family to help with the shopping and going on the bus myself, facing my fear of the bus and feeling insanely anxious in public places, I'm getting there and I don't feel AS anxious but again it's more progress. Still really hate being so close to other people, every time I find myself in a line in a shop (Not by myself yet), the person behind me always feels the need to be so close that you could fit a toothpick between us without it falling. One thing at a time.

    The thing I'm struggling with most is the whole job thing, searching for one and having to visit so many different places just to obtain a sliver of a chance of bagging myself a job, it's taking a hell of a toll on me, so much so that I've made the decision to put my goal of getting into an admin job on the back burner until I'm stable enough to handle and not fail in the role I ultimately want to be in. That'll be the case until my first CBT appointment which could be months away, massive waiting list, so that kind of sucks. That's why I'm doing my best to improve in the meantime though.

    As previously mentioned I'm starting CBT whenever I receive the letter, so I wouldn't say I'm "looking forward" to it and it's more of a case of I'm open to whatever help I can get and if that could come sooner rather than later? Yeah...that would be "Great".

    I just want to be able to live life actually wanting to be here.
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    Hi, CBT will be good as it will teach you how to cope with situations. You will have to be strong if you are in a group therapy session. You will be apprehensive but please don't be scared. Be open and frank as you will get the best out of the sessions. You are doing the right thing in terms of taking medication and having group therapy.

    This will work for you and you will be benefit from it. Fingers crossed your self-confidence will grow and in the long term you will achieve you ambition of getting your job. You are doing the right thing in terms of getting help and taking one day at a time.

    Please keep posting here as it does help you move forward. Take care and most important be safe.
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    Thank You for your reply, this community has been great so far and has some really helpful advice (Such as your comment) so I indeed intend to continue posting :)
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    Your welcome. I have been through CBT myself and it helped but you have to be open about your feelings. You can use it with day to day situations but just take it as it comes. It helps but most of the practice is very self explanatory and common sense.

    Take care my friend as we care about anyone hurting in this forum. If you need advice or someone to talk please keep posting. Be reassured you are safe here and no need to deal with your situation on your own.

    Take care. :)
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    You sound just like me, my anxiety can get so bad it can be hard to just go to the bus stop and be on the bus thinking everyone is staring or laughing at me. My social anxiety has been okay the past few weeks as I have just had 3 sessions of CBT. It has helped me so far a lot and I hope it helps you. Feel free to message me anytime you want. I understand your social anxiety fears,I really do. You will get through this, I am glad you came back and are still here talking to us. You got this far, do not give up now!
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