Getting Tense, Getting Worse

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Breathe, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. Breathe

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    Things with my parents are getting worse.


    Tried to relax after doing a 12 hour shift at work. Did some drawing. Got yelled at because i am meant to be studying :(

    Got told to find my watch that went missing for no other reason than them wanting to prove i cant be trusted with something. I moved some stuff to see if it was where i thought it was. Got yelled at as it snot suitable at this time.

    Moved my chair across the room to my desk at 9.45pm, picked it up so it wouldnt drag and placed it down got yelled at for making too much noise.

    Didnt text them what time i was going to be back from staying round my boyfriends. Got yelled at and told they wished i never came home.

    Looking into getting some mental help. Parents told me if i ever did such a thing they would kick me out the house and disown me.

    Apprantly i dont need mental help... i dont need comfort... i have no reason to cry or be sad... I'm just a self harming emo fat attention seeker :(
  2. lightbeam

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    I'm sorry for all the heartache you've been enduring.

    It's hard to see the good things. Just talk to us and we can help you through this.
  3. enerjii

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    i have had problems in my relationships with my parents for years and i am in my thirties!
    it is very lonely and difficult when yu live with other people in a relationship when yu dont feel that sometimes yu get along harmoniously . . . .

    a twelve hour shift is a big deal - especially if you suffer from depression . . . .
    is there any way yu could cut down your hours and get some relaxation time before going home?

    they (your parents) are clearly anxious - as they are getting agitated over material things like your watch - which seem incredibly important to them to 'use' - but is not a matter to yell about on their part: so they want you to fit in with their schedule - yet you are struggling to cope with that and you are trying to please them - its almost impossible; have you ever suggested counselling - or been yourself?

    there is obviously a lot of tension and stress which leads to anger and you are trying to be sensitive as in picking your chair up etc - pls keep boosting your self esteem as this is crucial to you staying healthy - emotional pain can be awful but you can transform this - even if days seem very tough; could you form an action plan to cope to try to understand them; but have boundaries yourself (?)

    you are a human being that is precious and needs to be valued as well as them

    they sound worried about you but are showing it by spilling over to yelling - perhaps building the trust by laying groundwork - ie do they always expect a text - could you tell them why you didnt - if you felt too worried to communicate etc

    my father in particualr always scoffed at my need for mental health support - he still struggles with the concept - but my mum doesnt (!) so please remember that you instinctively know when you need help and it is right to get it and very responsible so conversely they should be incredibly proud of you for being so insightful to focus on wanting to do this

    do you fear they really would chuck you out or is this just their anger venting through verbals and such?

    as you know every human needs comfort and mental support - as they have from their relationship - it is healthy to have a support network - everyone's is different and i hope they come to realise this - crying releases stress hormones - and sadness is an indicator to rebalance something - yu sound as if you have to care for yourself as you would wish them to - its very hard but every step towards this is so worthwhile

    i am sorry you self harm - my brother used to and my previous partners - yu are not an attention seeker for the wrong reasons you need attention of a positive kind - so that is good - i have struggled with my weight and still do - stress makes this much more difficult to effectively deal with so really good luck with keeping calm and loving yourself - because the universe wnats you here - you are very eloquent and concise and i know you can be strong - because you already are - you just need some positive inputs to keep coping