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getting there

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lost soul

I just wanted to say to people please hang in there. I wasn't going to but have done and I am so glad I did.

Please keep talking on here and even bug one person on here if it helps, I have and thankyou to the person that has had the unforunate task of me giving them headache.

I have used a lot of self relaxation, aromatherapy and TRUTH (to myself) I have looked at everything,and I mean everything and tried to turn it into a positive instead of just looking into everything negativly. I know it isnt easy and I must say it hasnt been easy. I have also done a lot of writing eg diaries and making them end with something positive.

Talk talk and talk, it is very painful at the begining but it does graually get easier and tell someone everything.

Also see your gp, tell them everything and tell them what you want. I finally have and it is now coming together. Make them listen, you are in charge.I have also finally got my appointment through for my psychologists appointment and I have had to argue for it. It is worth harrassing people to get what you want.

I know there's no real point to this post, but wanted to do it anyhow.


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I think you have a good point instead, thanks for posting,this is all about positive feelings and motivational messages :).
So glad to hear things are improving, you are working and fighting so hard,though it hasn't been easy, but that proves you can do it, and I hope others really feel inspired.
Keep us updated if you want, keep on the wonderfull work,
take care
There definitely is a reason for this post hun. The fact that you have chosen to hang in there and are encouraging others to do so may be just the motivation someone needs. I am glad you have decided to keep going on. You are a dear person. :hug:
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