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    Does anyone know how hard it is to pick out things that you need?

    I went to the funeral home the other day and got my casket picked out - well - actually i need to chose between two of them. i like pink so they are both pink in color.

    I have a minister who is right now preparing for my passing and he will be letting others know of my passing. He has the list of songs that i want and other things like verses and all he will be picking them for me cause i cant exactly know what all is done and said at a funeral.

    Looking at those caskets, i almost lost it. Last time i looked at caskets i was looking for one for my mom, now it is for me. i do not know if i am aloud to post a link here or not but my casket will look like this one at this link in a way.$1499%20and%20Less

    maybe seeing a casket will help someone to NOT suicide?

    I hope others here will not be angry with me or upset with me for not fighting anymore? I fear others hate me because i chose to not fight anymore. i just can not see why they want me to stay in a world such as this when there is a better place waiting for me?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.