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Getting through the day

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Can anyone tell me what they do to get through the day when they feel so bad. I feel suicidal all the time but still have to hold down a job and clean the house etc and I am finding it very hard. Any replies appreciated

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oh somedays i just keep me so busy i don't have time to thing i wear myself out
other days i just stay in bed music on and just sleep
I try to arrange appts so i have to do one thing a day make appt in morning wish forces me out of bed.
Do small things just for you it help sometimes go for a coffee etc


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Hi Rachel.. i am lucky as i have a 34 yr old autistic son johnny who needs help often.. this gives me purpose and need to keep going.. i have a huge collection of dvd movies nd televisions seasons.. we mall walk now 4or 5 mornings a week in the inside halls there.. no cars, no animals, just good people who are also trying to get a bit of exercise. also look at posts here on suicideforums and reply to many on here that need a bit of help.. also occassionally go into the chatrooms on here and practice being sociable. sometimes i even succeed at this..LOL

any of this hit a possible chord in you that might possibly help fill your day some??? best wishes Rachel.. Jim
Thx. I guess that's the thing. To keep busy and do enjoyable stuff. I can't really enjoy anything or concentrate on leisure activities right now but I will try keeping really busy. Cleaning etc when I'm not at work. I guess its just having the motivation to do it
I don't have many great coping skills, but my best are taking a walk or just getting out in the sunshine, playing a musical instrument ( I bought a wooden flute a few weeks ago that I play when I want to scream or hurt myself).

Anything artistic can be really helpful. Don't worry about whether or not you have any talent! Chances are you do, every one has access to the creative part of themselves. It's hard to feel creative when you're struggling with so much depression, but believe me the pay off for just trying it every once in a while can be so wonderful!

And yeah, a lot of the things other people said about just keeping busy or trying to do something nice for yourself are really good, too :)

And it's always helpful to talk, I think.
Thanks for your replies. I do like painting am quite interested in it. So thanks maybe I will get some waytercolours or something. I am struggling to keep the motivation going right now though and am drinking a lot to blot my thoughts out
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