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    why should i have to live for my mother. two of us live together alone. my sisters are married and have there own kids and family and i'm left to stay here.

    she does not appreciate the fact i try so hard to keep things together. i always the bad one, the black sheep, my sisters are superior to me. i could off killed myself a couple of years ago. but here i am still because of her.

    they take it for granted everyday but know there is something is wrong with me. its not fair. sooner or later i will take action i cannot keep going for much longer. there are probably two decades to ago before she expires and that is eternity for me. everyday is shit.

    but i am still here now, but for how long?
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    I'm sorry to hear that you feel like there's no way out. :( I don't know how to answer the how long part because it's your decision. We can't control your actions or judge you for your emotions because we've all experienced some sort of hurt. I'm sorry that your sisters are treating you the way they do... They should acknowledge you and respond to you. Most of my family doesn't seem to care about me much either... However, I found support from places like this that has helped me through the pain and sorrow. I don't believe it's fair that your being treated like this. :( I'm here if you want someone to talk to - you can pm at anytime. I hope you continue to express your feelings and emotions. Once again I'm so sorry this is happening to you :hug:

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    letmego3 Just be yourself

    thank you Trevor. :hugtackles:

    i don't know how i will cope. my family are not bad people. but they live in another world compared with me. not saying neither is good or bad. my mother wont be able to cope mentally and physically if i were to tell her that my only wish is to die. i do love my mum but i dont want to live life any more. i am held back by her but i am ready to go. i am 23 years of age and not looking forward to the life ahead. i just hate the world outside. not the people, but the city, the negative energy, competition, almost everything is made of concrete and so on.

    but i will continue to be alive for now but for who knows how long. all i can say is one of these days something is going to drive me up the wall.
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    Your welcome :hug:

    Continue to feel free to post your feelings, thoughts, and emotions with us still. I can understand that some day's will drive you up a wall. But remember were here to listen to you :) . I think sometimes our family's don't know how to help us so that's when they begin to seem so distance from us. At least your staying strong because of your mother. I'm staying strong because of my dad because I can't leave him alone in this world... It'll make me feel more guilty than I do already. Thanks for posting and sharing your thoughts, and I'm here for you. :hug: