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Getting tired of being told to try new things

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I’ve had many conversations with various people in a wide variety of different places in their lives. They all seem to have some sort of goal or ambition or dream that they strive for. I have never had that, and I’ve had many conversations about it. Without fail, every single time, they end the discussion with “maybe you just need to try some new things, you just haven’t found what you want yet, have you tried ___ ?” And ive dome it, I’ve tried everything they recommend, I keep doing stuff and it’s still... meaningless. I don’t think I can be helped.
Is it the suggesting things part itself, or just the fact that you've already tried it and it didn't help?

I've had people say similar to me and I find it frustrating, but I guess the trick is to stay open-minded. there's so many thousands of options in the world, nobody can ever really try everything so at some point somewhere there must be something for all of us to enjoy/strive for I guess. I understand you though, sometimes I feel the same. Maybe it's a case of time too, like as we get older our tastes change and our feelings change, things we weren't bothered about or liked at one point, we might like at a later date.
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