getting treated like shit at work

Discussion in 'Bullying and Violence' started by anonymous51, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. anonymous51

    anonymous51 Staff Alumni

    Ive been working at a Supermarket for quite some time now and i feel ive been doing alright. I said id be happy to work any hours they wanted to make it look like i was a dtermined and confident worker. But now they have given me new hours so im working late shifts all week bar 2 days. the late shifts are quite hard to do because theres lots of work need doing for it to be neat and tidy the next morning and ive not complained so i wont get in trouble. But now ive found that the people in charge arent very reasonable at all.

    I think that because im quiet they tell me to do things that other workers dont want to do because im not going to speak up for myself. the manager and his wife who also work there talk to me like shit and expect me to just accept it. Last time i tried to speak up for myself they gave me warning for rude behaviour, another worker agreed with me when i said they were bullies.

    And then theres this second in command guy who is a right arrogant prick. he acts like he runs the place and orders people to do things that they dont actually have to do. Every so often when im working he'll make some sarcastic comment how im not working fast enough and other people could do the same but faster why cant I etc. He threatens me that if i dont work hard enough hes going to take my break away and even threatened another worker to takes his days wages away but he made a complaint. Every week he forces me to take overtime to cover for him he can go out to the pub or whatever, and when i say no id like to have a day off then, he becomes aggressive and interrogates me to give him a good reason that i can take the day off for. Theres been countless times that hes ignored workers rights because he thinks we arent going to ask questions but many people have made official complaints about him

    Im sick of being the fall guy because other people dont want to do certain jobs so they change my shifts to do his without asking me. I thought it would be good to get a job so i could focus on positive thoughts of making money and that i would feel like a valued employee but I feel like im being bullied and not being allowed to voice my own opinion like im some sort of child who will just do whatever they say and not stand up for myself
  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Start looking for somewhere else to work pronto. They are bullies and they will eventually erode all your self confidence so that you do even more and dont feel confident enought to go somewhere else. I hate people like this:mad:
  3. anonymous51

    anonymous51 Staff Alumni

    Good idea but the only problem is that this is the only work i can find. I live in a small community and all the jobs are taken or i need specific skills to take the job. All i can think of now is to find a book that shows in details what my rights as an employee are and what i am and am not entitled to so next time they do something wrong i can defend myself and maybe make an official complaint to the supermarket company.
  4. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    They should have that sort of info at the library hun and thats a good move cos otherwise it will escalate. Good luck with it :biggrin:
  5. Azul

    Azul Well-Known Member

    I think the solution is not so much finding other work, but also "standing up for yourself". It's easier said than done (i'm not the most assertive person myself), but since you admit that this is the reason I think you know what needs to be done;
    it is your own responsibility to make sure no one treats you like that.
  6. XXXXX

    XXXXX Antiquities Friend

    It sounds like you are simply working for.........tossers :biggrin: Not to say that you should put up with this, but IMO you do need to learn how to deal with / react to "tossers in the workplace" - cos' IME they are quite common.

    I am guessing you are a brit (the word "Pub" being a clue!), and in your shoes I would head off down to Citizens Advice and have a chat about employment law / your rights. They should also be able to help you use the complaints procedure as some of your co-workers have already done.

    In any event if push comes to shove, you can always try and made a claim for compo (unfair dismissal / constructive dismissal / discrmination) and any claim will be better if you know in advance what offences they need to commit and what evidence you need to collect (not to say you should encourage them of course!) - whether or not you win any £££ at the end of the day, ay least you will have been a PITA :biggrin: and their legal costs will be in the £££'s, and maybe the owner will take more care with how the manager treats future staff.

    But if I had all the answers I would not be here...............
  7. daytona0

    daytona0 Active Member

    Just because your quiet it doesn't mean your forefiet your basic rights in a job!

    You could always directly approach your employer with a list of items on paper which you feel contribute to unfair treatment. Give them the list, or leave it on the desk and make sure it outlines all the possible reasons why it breaches workers' rights and a description of the possible legal action you will take if the matter isn't resolved. Then if your dismissed you can file for unfair dismissal. And if nothing changes, you have more evidence to show that you approached the problem in a professional manner by providing formal documentation and this was ignored.

    Citizens Advice is a great place to start, they will provide you with extremely helpful advice!

    Just remember though, you are responsible for yourself!
  8. anonymous51

    anonymous51 Staff Alumni

    i know i should be doing all the things you guys are saying but i just dont have any confidence at all in myself. I just came back from work a few hours ago and it was really bad again. I forgot to put something on the shelf when i went into the warehouse and he starts giving me a hard time about it asking me if i was willing to bet money that it wouldnt go out. Then he forces me to follow him into the aisle and gives me this patronising lecture about stuff ive already been told. i just fucking hate the guy i know its wrong to hate someone but i do.

    Im just so fed up with living now. It just feels like life isnt really for me. its not like i asked to be put on htis earth. Im so bored with it.
  9. Random

    Random Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, the workplaces of the world are infested with these sorts of people.

    I don't know what their problem is but I don't know they generally can't be reasoned with any more than a concrete wall can. I'll have to disagree with those who say that standing up for yourself is the solution. There isn't a solution that works for every situation. And sometimes, standing up to them just makes things worse.

    If you're at all tempted to stand up to them, just make sure you're an even tempered sort of person. If you have a tendency to lose your cool, you just might if things escalate. I had a boss like that. He was such a prick. I finally just walked out because it got to the point to where we were going to come to blows if he said one more word to me. And I would have been on the losing end of that because he was the boss and ultimately the boss always wins even if they're wrong (in general).

    Anyway. This is why nobody wants to work these low wage jobs. There is no incentive in the world for anyone to do it if they can get a better job. And these abusive employers just steamroll over their employees. They seem to know when an employee feels trapped. The reason they don't do the same to some of the others is that they know they'll just leave.

    Anyway, every job has at least one person who deserves a good punch in the mouth. Assholes are born, it seems.
  10. #LoneyBrUCe

    #LoneyBrUCe Guest

    I would definately make an offical complaint, that way there's no way of you losing your job and the situation will be adressed.
    Try and ignore your boss in the meantime he sounds like an absolute arsehole, and all the best to you mate gl!!!!
  11. expressive_child

    expressive_child Well-Known Member

    My previous workplace used to be like that. I have been treated like shit all the time too. Make sure you kick their sorry asses!!!!!!!!!!
  12. incognito

    incognito Well-Known Member

    Hi anonymous51, I just briefly read through this thread. Have things changed at work? Hope things are getting better for you.
  13. Ninja

    Ninja Active Member

    if you're having issues with self confidence, start lifting weights
  14. rocknrollsuicide

    rocknrollsuicide Well-Known Member

    I have suffered from bullying at work places too.
    Geez if I know how it does feel!
    It's awful.
    Especially when the shit comes from your very own boss/line manager/director!
    Who do you talk to about it that can help you out?
    Who can you rely on out of your work colleagues?
    Corporate rule number 1 is usually: trust no one.
    Absolutely true....

    Allow me to give you a few words of advise for your next role:

    Keep a very personal book of your daily events at work.
    Sort of like a "black book", a diary where you write down all the things which take place in your work environment that make you feel uncomfortable.
    Anything that in your opinion is wrong, out of order and all in all unfair.
    Harrassment, bullying, derogatory words against you, sexual abuse, abusive behaviour, verbal abuse - just to mention a few.

    Write down dates, time when the things happened, who said/did what to you and what was said/done.
    Start keeping the diary from the very first day of your employment and never ever share it with your colleagues nor your boss unless as the events unfold escalating to serious matters, your diary/book will be evidence of your claims.
    It's basically your word against that of your employer and it's legally valid.
    Ask any Citizen Advice Bureau, they will tell you the same thing.

    I mentioned Citizen Advice Bureau since it appears you are UK based. However you could also try the private solicitors route, quite expensive though...

    Another thing:
    Always make sure you get a contract from the very beginning of your employment.
    If they tell you they want to first give you a 3, 6 months (sometime even a 12 months) probationary period, still it is in your right to demand and have a preliminary contract where this is stated along with your statutory rights, rules, etc.

    This is very important - I lost a job for the very first time in my life months ago because the arseholes who fired me after merely three weeks, did not give me a contract despite me asking for it from day one!

    Read more than once your contract once it's given to you and highlight anything you are not happy about. If you dispute any of the points in your contract talk to your employer first to sort it out and have explanations.

    If still dissatisfied refer to your Citizen Advice Bureau and never ever sign a contract until you are fully happy with its content since you will have to abide by your employer's rules and your signature is a legal evidence that you approve everything stated in your contract!

    All of the above might sound like extreme measures making you live your job as some sort of 007 on a mission to destroy your employer.
    That is not the case.

    It is all about self-protection.

    In the current extremely competitive job market, when you can secure yourself a job is equally important to make sure you don't loose it half as much as it is ensuring a smooth running of your daily work activities, without bullying affecting your job performance.

    I hope your situation has improved - meaning either you got yourself out of that hellhole, employed somewhere else at better work conditions or management has changed and you don't get bollocking anymore.

    Take care

  15. wanttodie

    wanttodie Well-Known Member

    I've worked in software engineering field which is one of the highest paid jobs out there and I can tell you it's even worse over there. In my last job, there was this guy who used to keep calling me stupid names and constantly humuliate me. Typical highschool bullshit. I left the job because because of the constant vexation. But it appalled me that people never really mature and they evince this kind of feral attitude even in a highly professional setting. It's disgusting.
  16. incombustible2000

    incombustible2000 Well-Known Member

    i had the same problem not as bad, but a problem and I waited until i worked there for a while, and then I started standing up for myself after my probation, I would tell him to get someone else to do his dirty work, I would not do anything that is going to get you in trouble just stand up for yourself, but I would wait until I was there for awhile atleast thats what I did, until I was off probation.
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