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    Its so fucking annoying trying to find a job in London, ive been unemployed for almost a year now, literally every day applying for 10+ jobs, wanna do any kind of work to move forward in my life.. its just depressing looking for work..

    Today i come across an ad for a job in London on the website, for a warehouse position, details stating "an advantage if you speak Russian or Polish" .. are you kidding me?? im English, i know this country already lets their own rot and gives immigrants first choice in housing etc, but its an advantage to get a job in London if you speak Polish or Russia and not English!! what a joke!! ..

    also im literally looking for any type of work right now, even at super markets..every super market i go too all i see is asians employed there, every super market, its like they only wanna employ a certain race...

    im not racist in the slightest way, everyone should be given equal opportunities and thats it.. im white in London and feel like a minority, that i dont get a certain job because im white.. sounds silly but its true.. jus discrimination..

    its getting really depressing lookin for work, im still livin at home with my parents, im in my mid 20's.. i wanna drive and im lucky enough to know someone givin me real cheap driving lessons, but i cant afford the driving test or theory test.. been on the housing association list for over 5 years and still nothing, really gets u down when u think of the future and the fact u cant even find a job in the country u was born, bred and grew up in
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    Welcome to my world.

    I feel your deep pain. Im a qualified electrician and im in the same boat as you. Theres jobs, only if your first language is polish or romanian.

    It sucks being in london at the minute
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    The world is shit for a lot of people everywhere, not just in London. Hope you find some luck.