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Getting worse

i posted a message about a year ago. the situation has worsened since then and i have reached a point of no return. No job, no money, migraines and no chances of getting better whatsoever.


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Hi Lau

I'm so sorry to hear you are in such a dark place.

All the time you stay there is hope. Many members came here thinking much the same as you but are still here and in a much better place now.

I hope you stick around and talk to us.
Sorry that you're going through this @Lau_SP
No job, no money, migraines
If you'd like, I could try to offer some practical advice.

There may be some self-treatment methods that you could try.

If you'd like to mention what country you're in, we may be able to help you find some social services, if any are available.

Wishing you good things.

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