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GF threatening suicide. Issues in past. Help

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My ex-gf keeps calling me crying and sending text saying she will OD, shoot air into her veins, just terrible things. She use to cut herself and has had issues with substance abuse. I told her we were done due to all the stress she brings on me and all the fighting over minute bs. She has alot of xanax since she is prescribed it but also abuses it. She says she wants me to say I love her or she will end her life. I tell her I love her and to relax. What should I do? This is happening right now, any help please.

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You call her on what she is say ing and you call the police the ambulance and send them to her house. then you break all ties with her change your passwords your user names your phone number ect and don't have any more contact okay What she is doing is emotional blackmail and it needs to stop
Call the authorties send them to her house then walk away fro her in every way possible h ugs
what she's doing is emotional abuse. you can't fix this, no matter how much you love her. she needs some professional help. you can suggest that to her, but if she doesn't follow through and keeps threatening suicide i agree, the safest thing to do is to call 911 and tell them she is threatening suicide. she will be mad at first, maybe for a long while, but if it keeps her alive that's all that really matters in the end. i repeat, you can't fix this. call in some help.
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