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GFS vs Auri

Which person should be chosen to dress up?

  • Auri and her pretty princess outfit

  • Gerry and his cute pink bunny costume

  • I'd rather gouge out my own eyes OR neither off these poor souls should be reduced to such things

Results are only viewable after voting.


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Well folks, time for yet another ridiculous poll for you to cast your vote in where the results mean... Well, usually nothing but in this case SF member vs member is the win. (Clearly they need an audience to settle this!!)
Which would you rather see, if you were given the option -- Auri posing in a pretty princess dress or Gerry in a pink bunny costume?
While I know both of these are quite appealing you only get one vote so pick carefully. We don't know what's at stake behind the scenes here!


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Having had the honour of meeting @Auri I can confirm that she already looks like a princess.

Ideally I'd like to see them both together but if that can't happen it's got to be @GFS in his pink bunny costume. Will he be shaking his little fluffy bunny tail too?

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