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GFS vs Auri

Which person should be chosen to dress up?

  • Auri and her pretty princess outfit

  • Gerry and his cute pink bunny costume

  • I'd rather gouge out my own eyes OR neither off these poor souls should be reduced to such things

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I wanted to hop on and thank @Auri for not showing us her pretty pink sparkly princess dress. It turns out that it is so frickin pretty that she is worried it might trigger @Aurelia's competitive inner beauty queen and she doesn't want me to have to hop on here and delete a slew of personal photos of T showing off her various pagent tiaras and sashes (I heard she has 57 at last count and those are just the ones that Nick didn't feel he could pawn without her stabbing him in the eye with one of her magenta rhinestone encrusted stilettos).
Lulu, my dear, if I had 57 (real) tiaras that were worth something, I'd be the one to pawn them as soon as I had them in my hands, lol.


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You evil little b... The first traitor is you.
Others are merely blind sheep.
I'm no traitor! You asked for this. ;)

Also, the whole point is to make one of them do something they didn't want to do. GFS didn't seem to mind dressing up as a pink fluffy bunny, in fact I think he'd have quite enjoyed it.
Maybe not enjoyed but you're absolutely right, @Sunspots. Thank you for your common sense.

Traitors! All of you! *rant

I like this theory, but all the behind the scenes campaigning he was doing might suggest otherwise.
The best campaigner for me was @Auri herself. lol

All this started with @Lilmeowmeow calling me a "fluffy bunny" and posting a pic of Chandler in a bunny suit. @Auri kept calling me "fluffy bunny" and one thing led to another and I said that people here would pay to see her wearing a pink dress posing as a princess.

She said people would do that to see me in a bunny suit... hence I proposed a poll.
@Auri challenged me telling me to "go ahead" with it. Obviously she underestimated my craziness and my shamelessness. Ok, maybe just the former. About the latter she knew I know no shame.

And when she saw the poll she expected that people would vote for a clown in a bunny suit and ofc I was counting on people voting for a cutie in a pretty dress.

I wanted to say Thank You to everyone who did vote (for any of the three options) and especially to those 16 common sense people voting for @Auri.

A special Thank You for @Walker for opening this poll. (And for being my secret ally ;).

And ofc a special big big hug for the winner of this contest, our sweet awesome friend
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