Ghost of me

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    Here comes the shadow. Tearing down my walls.
    It wants to take my hand. It wants to lead me somewhere.
    Some place where you belong - it says. I’m not from here.
    Jump into the abyss, where no one can harm your little heart made of glass - it says.
    It’s so beautiful in here. It lacks people.
    There are no worries in my head. I can be myself there.
    I am just another shadow there, and the rest don’t look at me as something weird.
    We’re all the same. No one points fingers at me there. I don’t need to kill my thoughts there.
    The others are dead like me. We all live among scars and share this beautiful cemetery.
    I’m not a ghost among fake people there. I don’t have to disappear.
    I have no secret illusions of love or a normal life. I am not normal. I will never be.
    I remain trapped in a world that i hate, trying to find my way by moonlight.
    Trying to kill the thing inside, and i remain a ghost of me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.