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Gimme MEDS OK?

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I'm excited for next Monday, when I meet with my psychologist who will reference me to a psychiatrist if I convince her I need meds for my depression. I've been depressed for many years now, before I was a teen (I'm 20 now), and the condition has shaped and conformed me to distant, unfeeling person that I am today. I live in constant misery/hopelessness, having the imbalances in my brain control the thoughts and the attitude that I take on.
They tried to screen me for depression, but I've lived with it for so long, that I couldn't apply many symptoms (ie I never had many interests/hobbies to begin with so I couldn't lose interest, I didn't lose sleep recently cause I'm always an insomniac). I think they call it "Dysthymia", but my psych diagnosed me with bipolar when I was telling her about my bad day.
A few years ago, I told my former psychologist that I was feeling slightly better about some issues, and asked for meds, but he denied me, saying that I wouldn't need meds if I was feeling "better". Now I regret not telling him how it really is. Depression is a demon that has taken over my life, and no matter how hard I fight, it will continue to plague me. And I want my life back.
I can't wait till Monday to tell her that.
Ask your psychiatrist about mitrazapine. (obviously, mention after all your health problems are addressed first, so he/ she will know which medicine is right for you) If it is a viable option, you could expect to take it in the evening before bed, as it generally helps people sleep in addition to being an anti-depressant. It tends to induce a rather strong sleepy feeling the first week of dosing, so don't attempt to drive or fly any planes or anything. :plane: Good luck, let us know which meds you were prescribed and how they feel after your initial dosages.
If you think you're bipolar, then be careful getting on meds. Some psychs will prescribe an anti-depressant, even if you might be bipolar, just so they can be sure (assuming they aren't sure in the first place).

The point of that is to see if the AD induces mania. Just tell someone to keep an eye on you for any strange behaviors (of the manicky variety).
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