Girl in class.

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  1. Socialman

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    There was this girl in class that didn't have any friends, and hated her school. So, I decided that on the last day of class I would be nice and buy her peanut butter cups because she loves peanut butter. I also wanted to give her information on different recreation centers so she could join a swim team and make new friends. She didn't show to class though. :(

    I fail when it comes to making new friends.
  2. KittyGirl

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    Well... just bad timing I guess~
    Don't hold back next time! You sound very sweet, I'm sure if you could find the courage to go up to someone sooner, good things could happen.
  3. victor

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    indeed. do u know where she lives anyway?
  4. ZombiePringle

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    All you can do is try.. She might have trust issues... All you can do is try to show her that she can trust you.
  5. Romancer

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    Aw, that's so sweet. I wish I was in your class. :p
  6. ashtar

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    I was a loner myself but there was this guy who was just as lonely as me. So one day I went there to the other end of the lecture hall and sat next to him and pinched him and said hi. It made him smile and I bet he can still feel the pinch in his arm. We're friends but I cant trust people so its not the best friendship. At least we're not alone. You're sweet. Maybe next term? Maybe you could look up her number in the book?