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  1. pokoooo

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    well iv left skool now but i met her on the buss and we becmae frinds and we chated when she broke up with her bf we used to hang out at mine and watch films then we started going out after a few weeks i broke up with her even though she was they best thing that had hapend to me in ages cos i was stressed/depressed and i dient wana get to serious when i couldnt be with her emotionly if you know what i mean i just dient want to hurt her... we have stayed realy good friends and we have chated about people we have been with since each other and now i want her back soo bad but i dont want to risk telling her and runing our frindship... but she told me she thinking about a guy one of her best frinds but she doesnt think about him in that way but she cant stop thinking about him... and its just so confusing/anoying...
  2. perry_mason

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    it seems like you must care for her as you decided to split up with her because you didnt want to hurt her.

    seeing as you say you are still really good friends, it doesnt seem like the fact you broke up with her has changed your close relationship with her.

    personally i say go for it! be honest and tell her how you feel.
  3. pokoooo

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    but the thing about the other guy confuses me so much and her friends dont think much of me at all...
  4. Drifter

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    You should tell her before its too late. If something happens between the guy and her would you be able to stay friends with her, would you be able to bear it? You dont want to look back at your life and ask what if or I shouldv said something. She's not always going to be single, its up to you now. You have to be strong.
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  5. pokoooo

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    i think i could hadle it because iv done it with so many of my close female friends and she would be happy and looking back on my life alot of its been like this and im just thinking should i go for it or not
  6. perry_mason

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    i wouldnt worry bout that other guy and you want to be with her, not her friends so i wouldnt worry too much about what they think.

    go for it!
  7. Dante Wrath

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    Personally i think if u were able to remain good friends after a break up, then you will probably still be friends if u tell her how you feel and she doesn't feel the same.