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Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Twitch-J, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Twitch-J

    Twitch-J Guest

    ok.. hh.. my girlfriend is gonna be moving to florida soon.. for college and such.. Its driving me crazy because i'm afraid she will just forget about me.. rr.. yea.. well the problem is she doesn't keep girl friends.. she hangs around dudes mostly.. also her ex boyfriend who she says she doesn't talk to anymore is there... but yea.. she is there now... just for the weekend and i'm missing her greatly..

    she is everything to me.. i can truly say that when i am with her i am happy.. which is something i didn't think was possible

    i think i am an alcoholic too.. mm.. i drink.. alot.. well i used to.. before i met her.. i still do though.. actually i think i crave it more than before.. and its pretty random too.. usually when she talks about going to florida, her guy friends, or her ex i just have to drink..

    you know whats really annoying.. when i'm talking to her on the phone or aim and she is kind of half into the conversation.. hmm... i wonder whats shes doing rather than talking.. hmm... oh, i know.. talking to her ex!!.. bull.. hhhhh...

    yeah.. typing this makes me wanna drink.. the father put away his liquor.. he knows shes gone.. guess he knows i'm dieing over this.. whatever.. i got plenty of 151 and gin left.. don't need his..

    well then were am i.. hmm.. maybe i am just too attached.. but is that really so.. i mean.. i love her.. so yea.. and when i say that i mean it.. not trying to sound punk as hell but i do.. i've been with many different girls but the way i feel for her is real..

    well anyway.. i've been drinking since she left this morning and i will likely keep drinking till she comes back.. oh.. shall i tell you the best part.. forget the reason why she is going there.. she doesn't have a place to stay.. says she might stay with one of her guy friends.. she says she won't stay at her ex's house but... hmm.. who knows right.. sia srjwdhf io hs;.. .. gonnna drink my self to sleep tonight.. good night.. you know.. i haven't thought about death or suicide in years.. buttttttttt... its all coming back to me now..

    oh.. mmm.. think i am a bad influence on her.. she's been trying to drink lately.. think its my fault.. she never really cared for alcohol but now she is all for it.. everytime she comes over she wants to drink.. wants me to make her mix drinks and such.. keeps talking about whine coolers and such since she tasted a Smirnoff ice not to long ago.. its just another thing that worries me.. i know when she goes there she will drink and yea.. she just can't tell when to stop.. she always wants more.. hhhhhhhh.. yea..
  2. Myself

    Myself Active Member

    IF you think you've been a bad influence, then it might be best if she goes away for a while. And it'll give you time to stop drinking. Drinking is stupid. It makes good people bad. It splits up families. I hate it!

    Anyway. Just don't think about suicide and stuff and after a while, it'll all go away and you'll be a little happier. And put it this way. If she realy is good enough for you, she'll come back and have been faithfull. If not, she's not worth you time. If you need somebody to talk to, or to yell at, or to help you laugh, I'm here.
  3. Twitch-J

    Twitch-J Guest

    okay... all things great.. she called.. said she stayed at a motel for the night.. so good news right... hmm... but guess where she is now.. her ex's house..

    what ever... don't think i even care anymore.. not sure if its because i'm tired of worrying, or just because i've been drinking... either way.. i don't care...
  4. Twitch-J

    Twitch-J Guest

    but then i do care... asilfoiase oifjcoias fioejsioa ckdsn avc iodjavnskjvnkl msdmcniu oidfgjvs dkm nio jfmanciodubjv sn vjsajdvinijifjalkmsdmcnaoi foifhasjsmfm hiojfi afjaofnmcnkxcjai hgfnalk osa hdgfiuybi bmkbnuiyerkmashvoia dsnfiigua a caiugfanviouomehdifu aeg ,,ds , ;dfipasdlkfl.f.., ..... pi

    frustration spasm
  5. Twitch-J

    Twitch-J Guest

    well now.. got another call from her... apparently she is staying there another night... this time it will be at her ex's house... she didn;t say it but i already know this... apperently she is there now.. so.. i'm gonna go now.. i need a drink...

    i don't know what is gonna happen but this is it... hopefully i am alive in the morning.. right now i couldn't give a shit...
  6. timezone

    timezone Member

    Aren't you ruminating too much about it?

    First of all dude... make things straight! Have a talk to her... are you guys going to stay faithful when she moves or not?
    If she wants to stay faithful, that is good, you have to trust her because there is no other option
    If when she moves she wants a change in her life, then I'm sorry, but you will have to "train yourself to let things go" (as Yoda would say)

    I've been there... sometimes i think that I'm STILL kind there
    forgetting a girl is really painful, and takes time, but relationships are a two-people's thing... and if she does not want to continue, then there is really nothing you can do. Eventually you will find other nice girls that will make you forget

    JUST MAKE THINGS CLEAR, see what she wants... don't stay at home thinking on what "might" be happening, cuz that will only lead you to depression and drinking
  7. I hope you'll be okay, Twitch. I can only imagine the amount of stress this situation must be causing to you. She ought to be staying at a motel. She needs to be faithful to you. By her staying with her ex, is suspicious enough to cause you to be concerned, yet, she ought to know about how this worries you, and then she ought to be doing what she could do in order to ease that worry.
  8. Twitch-J

    Twitch-J Guest

    well now.. just gonna add that the last bit of info.. and end this..

    I hope she does does stay faithful but i have been thinking lately...
    maybe i'm not really in a position to be in such a relationship...
    i mean i love her and all but if this is how things are gonna be then maybe its not a good idea... the people in this alcoholics forum that i also post at say that relationships during recovery is a bad idea... i don't know.. i wanna be with her but hhh.. not sure if i can really handle all this..

    to add to such, apparently her ex is coming up here sometime next month... hhh... its whatever right now... she's back and i'm gonna talk to her about it tomorrow..

  9. I hope for the best for you, Twitch. Please keep us informed about what happens. Take care.
  10. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    O.K. I am married, and I trust my husband implicitly. I know for a fact that he would never cheat on me.

    That being said...she should NOT be spending the night in the home of her ex and maybe, in a way, she wants you to get pissed and tell her to cut it out! (we girls like a certain amount of possessiveness)

    Now here's how I see this: You don't know her ex. My husband and I have single friends. One of our BEST friends is single, and my husband would WANT me to stay with him if I were out of town. That is how much he trusts me and our best friend...which is great!

    But you don't know her ex...you have never even MET this person! Even if you trust her implicitly, you have NO reason to trust HIM. You don't know him and you have no idea what he is capable of...so WHY would you be O.K. with her staying with him? You shouldn't. You are not being possessive or crazy for being freaked out by this, and if she cannot understand your worries and will not respect them...or just wants you to go on blind faith as opposed to respecting your concerns, then she cares more about what she feels like doing than she oes about your relationship. Just my opinion.

    Tell her how you are feeling and go from there.
  11. An ex is an ex for a reason. Ex means the past, not the present nor the future. You are the present and the future.