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I suppose this should go here.
[[I'm sorry. This is so inappropriate. Please do not even read it if your have weight issues.]]

This is so tragically random I know, but god is it eating me up.

So everything in my life is slowly falling apart. I know that. But I wasn't prepared for this. I did sort of expect it but not really, if you know what I mean. I knew it was a possibility but well, I never thought it would actually happen.

Anyway I'll get to the point. My eating habits are so far from normal that even I don't understand them, never mind anyone else understanding them. I feel at my fat fat fattest right now. I know this is ridiculous cuz I'm not. I've weighed myself and things aren't so bad in the scales department. Most of my clothes are a lil big on me. But that's not the point.

The point is I just measured myself. Boob wise I mean cuz I noticed my boobs are a hell of a lot bigger these days, despite the fact I've lost weight :confused: Oh god I'm disguisted to even write this. Ok ok see the thing is yes my boobs are bigger. A good thing I know.
BUT my back has gone up too. :depressed [[34 to 36]] I don't get it. It's so unfair. Why????

I don't want to be a 36. I don't want to. I don't want to. I don't want to.
My best friend is a fucking 28. She can't even get bras. I'm gonna have to go to shops for "larger ladies" to get bras. I can't believe this. I don't want to. NO! I can't be 36. NO WAY! THAT'S JUST NOT FUCKING FAIR. NO PLEASE NO. I CAN'T DEAL WITH THIS. I'M NOT STRONG ENOUGH.

I keep re-measuring myself. Hoping this time it'll tell me I'm still a 34. Or even better, back to a 32. I've measured with bra, with bra and t-shirt, without bra or t-shirt, with pyjama top on, lying down, breathing in. WHY???? Why me???

I know how trivial this all sounds. And I'm sorry. I really am so sorry. But I've convinced myself that maybe if I thread about it, it'll all go away. I won't actually be a 36. God everytime I say it I want to be sick. :yuk: Fuck! I can't believe I wore skinny jeans tonight. They are for skinny people, of course. Not people with a fucking 36 inch back [[technically not 36 but when in bra context it's 36]]

I don't even know if I can post this. To let people know how fat I am. I can't take it in myself still. I still keep re-measuring as I post this. But it's still coming out the same. OHMYGOD. What did I do wrong? I don't want to be 36. I want to be 34. NONONONONONONONONONONONO.:cry2:

[[So sorry for wasting everyones time. And for all the bad language. I'm just gonna go measure myself a couple hundred more times, cry till my tummy hurts, not sleep, then in the morning probably start another stupid fucking eating disorder related diet :stop: Oh for gods sake. I've got no fucking cigarettes. :mad:]]
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I don't know what I can tell you to make you feel better, sweetie. I have 32 D boobs and I hate it...but having big boobs doesn't make you fat.

You're not wasting anyone's time...if it's concerning you, it's concerning us.


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I never can get that measurement right. :tongue: I always just have to buy based on the size of my most comfortable bra.


Wish I had more to say. But...

Well, ... :hug: again.
i am a 34, and i was a 28-30 but ever since i have started eating on a regular basis i have gaine dweight. I know how you are feeling right now, and i am here for you if you ever want to talk.
If you only knew how much I had your big breast problem. I know it is a very real problem to you, and I am sorry that it makes you feel so insecure. I know first hand what insecurity feels like. And how it completely consumes you being the only thing you can think about. But I'm 19 and a 34b, i wish so much that i had your problem minus the access emotional bagage. I just hope that you will embrace your curves, be happy with them and become more healthy, mentally and physically.
36 isn't a 'larger ladies' size hun.
If you wanted to be sure you are wearing the right size (I know that's not the point of this, but just in case) you could go to a department store, a lot of those (Marks and Spencers, not sure about anywhere else but there will be others) offer a bra fitting service.
Besides, 36 is totally not fat (I know it's probably kinda pointless telling you this, I don't want to be a 36 either, but I've been a size 12 for a couple years now and it kind of seems inevitable). My mum has a friend who is a 48 *that* is into 'shops for larger ladies'.
I hope you're feeling better hun.


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Ladies we aren't all meant to look alike. How boring would we all be if we did? Curves are lovely small, big, slight. We as women are lovely creatures. We have the ability to be mothers the loveliest thing of all. Our breast are natures way to feed our babies. We need to love them as they are and say to hell with what the world thinks. I love my figure 36, 26, 36. I wear a 36 B bra and I am quite thin. I am lovely as I am as so are all of you. :grouphug:

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i'm a 34 F .... but droopyish.

were my boobs dont really stick out how they used to, i feel incredibly FAT and insecure....:dry: because of this.

sorry, i know what im going to say next is, probably going to be efensive to some one, but i dont mean it to be. extreamley good for you if you can just not care, but...

i dont think they are just there to feed your offspring. i think if so that is a cruel twisted product from god. but i think better of him than that. and also, i feel, feeding a life with your body feels increadibly alien to me.

i think pregnancy is alien.

with my own opinions and veiws, i probably wont have children because of my morals. untill/unless another way is invented to give birth and, be. but, i would LOVE to have children and care for them, look after them, experience every thing and just love them. i wish i could
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Well ... your views on your own body are completely valid. I wish you felt better about it, but your opinion is the only one that counts.

Others may have positive or negative opinions on your body image or your standards for the use of your body parts -- and they aren't really worth a damn. You can decide which ones you appreciate and which you don't.

You don't ever have to live up to their expectations, whether it's about being their kind of sexy, or their kind of cookie-mama. You don't owe anybody perky tits or a breast-fed baby.

I'd be tempted to suggest you find a partner who likes big, soft tits -- and everything else about you -- and who'd be happy adopting. Or not. Hell, be a teacher. Fit your life around YOUR expectations. They're just fine.

I actually think you are lucky. im anorexic and my boobs shrank *sigh* so now im a 30 NEARLY A. i have to wear stupid kid bras. please take care of yourself and try and think of it as a good thing. i bet some people are jelous of your boobs. :)*
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