Girls, Women! Let's end this frivilous charade!

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by SmilePretty, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. SmilePretty

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    I waited until I was consumed with love
    To realize what it truly was,
    Just lust gone mad with teenage desire.

    Glassy eyes tell more than just stories of tears,
    Ones of pain mixed with alcohol
    Or a walk of shame after a one night stand.

    It seems like love with each guy I meet,
    But it is just a penalty of fate.
    Ending again in tears and uncomforting conversations.

    Girls, women! Let's end this frivilous charade
    No more stories of tears for men...boys.
    Don't believe the lie that started our devastation.

    Think! Men do not make us happy, as seen required.
    We don't have to find a man to have meaning,
    Find meaning in YOURSELF, for that's the charade of truth.

    End your stories of tears and desperation
    Find stories of adventure and self-reliance.
    Only there will you find a story fit for my ears.
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    Wow hun this amazing

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    beautiful :wub:
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