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Give me one good reason...

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Give me one good reason why i shouldn't kill myself today? I'm not being sarcastic or rhetorical. I'm asking a serious question. I was wondering this today. I have no reason to be alive, i just need someone to help me, to give me something to hold on to, so i can make it through the rest of this day, please


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Hey there, BenJ. I'm going to share something with you that I literally found just now on one of my internet searches for inspiring quotes. Little bit of a warning though, the video gets a little "God-happy" towards the end but even if you don't necessarily believe in God (I do but I don't if that makes sense?), it's the overall message in the video which I find inspiring. So watch it with an open mind and don't worry, I'm not trying to convert you to anything lol. Promise.


Just figured if I found a little bit of comfort from it then it's worth sharing with somebody else who also might be able to take something away from it.


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Because we understand how you are feeling even if our situations differ a bit. We understand how bad the emptyness and lonliness and fear anxiety stress pain confusion and feelings of being overwhelmed can get. Because we are here to make it through together. :) xx
Because people love you and want you alive. Because we care about you and don't want to see you go. I know I don't know you but I understand the thoughts you are having. It's hard to find reasons to live but I know you can find them. Do you have brothers and sisters? A girlfriend/boyfriend? A friend? A hobby? Anything can be that reason to stay. Shoot me a PM if you ever need to talk about anything. :console:


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No, I have nothing, i have nobody, i have no hobbies, no friends, no family. I have nothing. I went to the hospital, last week on tuesday. I spoke to a psychiatrist and what i told him was that i didn't want to kill myself, i just dont want to be alone anymore, I want to be happy again. But what i neglected to tell him was that i would rather kill myself then spend another weekend all alone. Im really trying hard, to think of a reason why i should stay around, but im drawing a blank, im lost.


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I'm really sorry Ben I totally understand can you go back to the hospital again do you think that will help?.
Because life can turn itself around just as quick as it gets bad. There are things in life to enjoy and people to enjoy them with. You might feel alone, but you're not. There are people who care for you; you just don't know it yet or haven't met them yet. A lot of bad things happen to us, but there are so many good things to enjoy about life. It can be as simple as a delicious meal to a kind smile a stranger gives you. Please hold on because people here care. People you haven't met still care.
Here's another video that maybe might put things into perspective:
Being alive gives you choices and possibilities.

you won't always feel like you wish you were dead - in fact, there are things that will make you glad to be alive. your own home, a car, someone to love!

I guess love stands out.

Some girl out there or boy - who you have not met as of yet.

Love in general also - people who love you and would miss you and feel like there is a big hole in their lives without you.

Also, you might be a lead guitarist I need in the future.

Or maybe you will be calling the tune and asking me to guest star on the album of the decade.

Possibilities are worth hanging on for.

You really never know what will happen!
Ben i have been where you are so many times and i have asked myself the question why should i live . There is really more than one answer to that question but i can give you a very good reason to hold on to life .
If you choose to kill yourself you will never ever ever know what might have been ? In other words you will destroy any possibility , any potential , any joy , any opportunity , any chance that things could change .. You see thats only one of the tragedies of suicide ,,You destroy anything you could have had .
Life is uncertain as it is .. But what is for certain is that while there is life there is hope .. PLEASE do not give up ..

because life is precious. no one really gives a damn whether who kills him or herself unless they love u n you end up only hurting your loved ones.


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Because if you have your health and can breathe, walk, love without any phsyical pain, stay in this world and enjoy every minute.

I destroyed my health, am in pain 24 hours a day now, went from being a happy, healthy (thought i was), loved woman to a pain wracked,shrivelled, almost bed bound thing who has had to push her husband away so he can find a healthy woman. That is why I am leaving it.


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Hi Ben..

''Because alive gives you choices and possibilities'' is great advice :) You could make someone happy again. Please don't go through with it, it's not worth it. :hug:
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