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  1. KittyMarie

    KittyMarie New Member

    I'm 15 years old, and have gone through a really tough two years. It started when my cousin got diagnosed with cancer and I basically had to watch her die. She was the only person in my family I could turn to about anything. Then in Febuary 2012 I was raped and fell pregnant, I recieved death threats from the rapist and couldn't tell anyone, I got an abortion and I only told my best friend who lived in America. Summer my Nan passed away, then just before christmas my other nan passed away. New years eve my best friend committed suicide and I was left without anyone. My parents are pushing me away and ignoring me, in school I have no friends, they only friends I have are on the internet and don't even know my name. I can't see how anything can get worse. I just want to end it. Not like anyone will miss me.
  2. Theodora

    Theodora Well-Known Member

    Really tough doesn't begin to describe what a devastating time you've had. Are still struggling to cope with. You're grieving and that takes a long time. I know you're 15 so no kid but have you thought of calling Childline and asking for help to see someone or join a support group? Keep on coming here too.
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Talk to a teacher hun a social worker at your school ok hun I am sorry you have suffered so much in your life hun With therapy and a good supports put in place you can learn new ways hun to cope to grow to take care of YOU hun You need help hun please talk to someone ok don't fight this alone Is there a kids hotline hun you can call or a crisis line you can call and jsut talk ok hugs
  4. ScarsRunDeep

    ScarsRunDeep New Member

    Wow, you have sure experinced some major trauma in the last couple years. I am so sorry that you ever had to experince such devestation, especially at such a young age. I myself have experinced some of the things you have and I hope I can offer you some comfort. I too have experinced sexual abuse, I was younger than you but none the less, itwas very traumatizing. Never let something like rape define who you are or whether you want to live or not, doing that only shows the person that hurt you that they control your life. I have had an abortion and I understand how hard it is. But if the pregnancy was the result of rape, you have to know that it was 100% the right thing to do. So don't feel bad about it, you made a very mature decision. About a year and a half ago my ex-boyfriend comitted suicide, it was probably the hardest thing that I've ever had to accept. I felt like it was my fault because I cut him out of my life because he refused to stop using drugs. But it wasn't my fault, and it's not your fault your best-friend commited suicide. If anything you gave them a better chance of surviving their depression. So just be greatful they were once apart of your life, and keep their memory alive in your heart. I haven't lost any close family members recently but I lost my father when I was young, so I can relate to the lonliness you must be feeling. I just feel for you so much andI hope you can take all these terrible things that have happened to you and become stonger than ever. You are a very inspiring young woman, and you can help so many people with your experinces. Don't give up now, because people WILL care. If no one else, I will care, it will matter to me. Be strong beautiful, you have alot to offer the world and the world has alot to offer you. You haven't even gotten to enjoy the good things in life yet. Please don't give up!
  5. fatloser

    fatloser Banned Member

    Im sorry you went through all of that, but don't give up. You are so young, and yes you have been through a lot, way more then any 15 year old should go through, but with therapy it can help you get through it. If you wanna talk i'd be glad to answer, keep your head up. :angel:
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