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Given up

I suffer with depression and anorexia and I honestly feel like I can’t go on. I’ve recently started cutting, just to feel something. I’m on a path of self destruct and have hurt someone I love very much and now I can’t cope with the guilt
I’ve suffered with an ED all my life but work pressures due to Coronavirus pushed me into a bad place. I took comfort from someone at work. I’ve now ended things and am trying to save my marriage but my self loathing is destroying me. I’ve hurt so many people and I seem to hurt them over and over again. I just want it all to stop! I feel like me not being here would solve all of that! On the outside I have a great life, a beautiful home, a job that I love, 2 amazing children but I just can’t shake this pain.


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welcome to SF @Donetrying78 we are a peer community that cares but never judges. please look at the different forums and post if you feel comfortable or use our chat section if you prefer real time.

we all make mistakes in life some small some big. at this point you should try to forgive yourself and try to make things right, then move on. if you have a loving family and are doing well otherwise you can get through this. i hope you feel better soon...mike...*hug*shake
Hi. Welcome to the forums, we're glad to have you here. As a kid I used to have a lot of problems with my eating, so I know how you're feeling and what a bad place it is to be.

Have you ever sought treatment for what you are going through? There are plenty of treatment options from medication to therapy, which may be able to help you. In the meantime, this forum is a great place to find any support or advice you need.

Stay safe. I hope you can feel better soon. Sending hugs *brohug.


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I’m on a path of self destruct and have hurt someone I love very much and now I can’t cope with the guilt
I just can’t shake this pain.
Please don't give up @Donetrying78 . Your love and your remorse can heal the pain of the one you hurt and your own pain. It just takes time and good communication, so try to be open and don't keep your feelings hidden. It's not easy but can lead to a deeper understanding and connection than before. You're human, you made a bad mistake, but it doesn't mean you are defined by it, a bad person. Your deep sadness and regret over the pain you caused shows you are still a good and loving person who can avoid the same in future.
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