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Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by Earn, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Earn

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    Ive given up finding anyone.i know this isnt the first time its been posted or anything.just ive given up.and i know alot of people say it n dont really feel it like i used to say it but not really feel it.but things have changed over the past couple months idk.but i can truly say i give up.i notice that when i look at someone i feel nothing.i actuly kinda had an opening the other day but i told her off n to leave me alone.i dont want someone.i dont ever want to get better.i already know whats gonna happen with my life n ill accept it.alone n im just gonna push any friends i have away.what i should really be saying is that finally after these years ive accepted that im gonna be alone just like when a disabled person accepts there not gonna walk again.
  2. total eclipse

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    YOu are letting your depression speak here letting your depression take care over you when you should be looking at how to get it under control now get on differnet meds go get new therapy change things up okay don't lie down with it depression needs a kick in the but now call doctor for help okay
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    I agree with violet...don't give up...don't let the depression ruin your chances with someone....if you feel nothing it's most likely the depression talking...
  4. Earn

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    right now i rather feel nothing.ive been alone my whole life so it doesnt matter.i already know im gonna be one of those guys that never settles down with anyone or ever has any sort of never gonna try anyways.its only a matter of time before i push my last couple friends away.
  5. Robin

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    Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.

    Things will work out don't worry :) Don't confuse what you want with what you actually need. When you get to where you need to get to, you'll wonder why it took so long :hug:
  6. Daphna

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    Giving up may seem appealing, but the truth of the matter is that happiness is worth every insecure feeling and fear that you may have. Instead of focusing on finding someone to love, why not search for that one person who loves you. I mean actually loves you for you, and accepts you imperfect and all. Through them you can learn to love yourself and then offer the love others need from you. Blessings..
  7. Earn

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    those 5 feelings are for grief n loss. i guess u can say ive lost someone but i was this way long before them.any person thats ever said they loved me has walked away from me when things got hard.jess n tab both walked away when my life was rough n i was going through shit.the problem is there isnt anyone who loves me for one accepts me for one ever talks to one ever starts conversations with me. so its obvious that they dont like me.
  8. Robin

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    Maybe they don't approach you because you find it hard to cope when they do? As in, you'd be pretty surprised how UN-confident people actually can be and the folks who will put their face in yours regardless of how you feel are very very rarely the sort of folks you might actually get on with let alone want to get on with.

    As for most of the planet, if they feel they are making you uncomfortable, they generally tend to back off.

    I see my shrink next month after a year, I have serious issues (to me anyway) with anxiety but I swear, he has gotta be worse.

    When the session starts it's like he's got better things to do, he watches the clock every 2 mins, then he starts wringing his knuckles and such like and by the end I get the distinct impression that he's feeling lucky to get through the session without a scratch or bruise and he has TRAINED for years to be able to help those with mental health challenges and has worked with them for years.

    A doctor with all that training and experience can have problems coping, let alone ordinary folks who go on twitter to talk about how their neighbour dissed them by putting 1 less sugar in their coffee.

    Things will work out, even if you end up where you didn't want to end up, there's no guarantee you'll ever be happy wherever you end up (and that doesn't have to be your fault either) but then happiness is nothing you can ever buy or force.

    For a lot of folks just being needed and useful makes them happy and if you are that sort of person, which you probably are, maybe you should be looking for that something rather than concentrate on something that might just make you more miserable.