Giving In

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I've been depressed for a while now. A lot of bad things have happened all at once, and the end result is having no where to live, no job and no money.

I'm done with trying, I feel like my whole life has been spent waiting for things to get better. And I've lost patience.

I have a boyfriend, well I had one. I love him, more than anything. But he is SO unsupportive, I've self harmed for 11 years. And whenever I get the urge, or do infact do it. He kicks me out and starts arguments. I get it might not be easy for him. But that really is the last thing I need.

I told him earlier I wanted to kill myself. And he broke up with me, and called the police to try and get me sectioned.

Without him, I have nothing. He was the last thing I had to hold onto. He was the last hope of my life meaning anything.

I want him to change his mind, I just want a hug more than anything. I wanted to come home and for him to tell me everything's going to be okay. And that we'll fix it together, but I dont know who I was fooling. He'll never be supportive,.

So now I'm sat here in the same position.

I want to Kill myself. I really really do.

I'm tired of being tired.


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Ok he's not handling things well, but in the final analysis it is down to us to sort ourselves out.
He obviously cannot deal, so have him as a boyfriend but not as a solution.

Firstly, are you getting any professional help and if not, get yourself down to your doc pronto.
You don't have to live in misery, and I know its difficult to be pro-active when depressed, but you need to get something going that will treat the depression.
Once you have that under control you will be able to think more clearly and start to make things better.
You can do this!

please pm me if you need an ear, but see your doc.
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