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Giving up and hopeless

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Unfortunately, for nearly 2 years my life has not been so good. I've been bullied in the past and never had real friends. Yet the first "real" friends I made (well, rather they approached me) they abandoned me almost 2 months ago. One cited my negativity, the other claimed I took advantage of her. I've been to the hospital twice. The first time was because I overdosed (not in a serious amount) and the second was because I had plans to overdose again.

It really does hurt being alone. I joined web sites to find friends and I had no luck. Can someone please try to explain to me why all of this happened to me recently despite the fact I had a painful past before I met these two friends? I don't know how you could, really, it's probably more of a rhetorical question. But it certainly is hard for me to see people on TV surrounded with friends. I do feel like overdosing again sometimes. I wish I could have friends... I don't know what else to do.


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Hey welcome to the forum and well done for being so brave to post and to post so openly too.

i often feel a lot like you.

i have few friends in my outside liife [and am often scared of being physically hurt by people - even if it is irrational knowing that doesnt stop the fear].Being terrified of all people like i often feel often leaves me quite alone so i think i can relate in some way to what your saying though i dont explain it well.

i am glad you found us.i am alawys happy to be your friend and im sure many others here would be too.

As for the overdosing i know its hard sometimes to resist the feelings butt plesase do try and make sure you stay safe.im sorry your feeling so bad.

We are here for you.

Hope to see you around.

Take care and best wishes for now
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