Giving up on love?

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    Hello people,

    I often say that i have given up on getting a girlfriend. I explain that i am too solitary, lack patience etc. The real reason is that i am bad in bed so i avoid getting intimate with any women. I have a small penis and don't last long.

    I often feel a huge need for affection and love, i think the fact that i have not given up might hurt me. I know that many women don't care about sex but it's a small minority. I don't want to be ridiculed and rejected 50 times before i find one, i don't have this strenght in me. I'm not even sure what i hope for, basically some kind of miracle like making a friend who would tell me randomly that she doesn't like sex or wait until i am old enough that sex is'nt important anymore.

    Sometimes i think: Give up damn idiot you just hurt yourself with your ridiculous dreams. Accept yourself and focus on being happy the way you are. I have great friends and familly, a job i love and that pay well etc. I could be relatively happy.

    You see my dilemma?
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    I'm sorry Northern
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    Without getting into too much sex talk, small doesn't mean no pleasure, in fact, getting technical, most women feel the most pleasure at and just inside the vulva area, not deep inside in the uterus. Big means pain in a lot of cases. I don't know how those porn stars handle it, they must be so high on drugs that they are numb. Being good in bed doesn't revolve solely around the penis. Foreplay, affection and romance goes a VERY long way with most women. Sex is important, I'm almost 50 and older people enjoy it just as much as anyone else.

    I don't think that you should give up on trying to find someone based on what you say is your dilemma. Don't give up on potential happiness due to a perceived "flaw" which it isn't. Any mature, healthy woman would not ridicule a man for any physical trait. I hope you give it a second thought. You won't know until you face your fear and take a risk. Good luck!
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    The saying goes that it's not the size of the member, but how it's used. And it pretty well holds true. As for not lasting, there are 'delay' creams. But you'd want to put them on under a condom so that they only have an affect on you, not your partner. And if you think that you really need more help/info, talk to your doctor. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Trust me, they've heard it all and more.
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    As others have said, it is more about how you use what you've got, not the size of it. Besides that, there are other ways to please a woman. I am sure you can find articles on that. Don't give up just yet. I am sure you can find a caring and patient woman who will love you for who you are, not what you lack or don't lack.