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Giving up the internet.

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About a minute ago I found something online that is worth giving up the internet in favour of.Ironic huh! :)

It is not religion an ugly rich woman who wants baby or any kind of criminal endeavour.

Maybe it's a feeling brought on by the sun shining through the window but I feel like I have been hit with the epiphany stick.

This is something worth doing.

Trouble is,what I am about to do will benefit me in no way at all,and as a result I am currently struggling with the selfish thing inside of me.

Please,somebody give me a reason not to give in to selfishness.:sad:

At this moment I cannot afford to stay on the internet and do this at the same time.However the pull in the direction of sowing some karma seeds that will bear fruit for someone I will never know in my lifetime is way too strong.

The internet is just a toy right?
Fundamentally,don't we all just end up talking to ourselves through the use of this this medium anyway?

total eclipse

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internet is a life line for some although the sun i prefer when it is out
internet can be many things but when i am on it as much as i am it is a dsitraction from the real world. Go out and enjoy the sun i say


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sad to see you go but i agree with you both. i always loved reading your posts though :laugh:
i hope you will have some quality time offline!
Don't feel guilty. Go for it. I had a moment like that too 4 years ago, but the internet was also the reason for my emotional downfall. It was negative content concerning my personal "epiphany".
It's not selfish, trust me. If it makes you happy then it will likely make you a better person, improving your life and the lives of those you know. Don't be like me.
Loud silence,how sweet of you :) ,but my time internet has be mostly an empty outsiders experience.

This site and the people on it are very rare,that is both a good and a sad thing, but it is the way things are nonetheless.:anony:
Tank you project atlas.

The tough thing though is fighting the selfish addictive pull to stay on the internet.
The internet itself is even beginning to feel a little bit special right now.

Such is the condition called human.

Kaos General

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Sometimes its worthwhile to just take a step back and do something else for a while to go and take stock of things but dont give it up for life. At the end of the day im with you on what you said about the sun. It makes me wanna go and do something consrtuctive. This is the time of year i love the most so im probablt gonna join you for a few months at least :D
@Angerfist-i am thinking of leaving the internet to spend a few years in the corporeal realm before human babies start being born with chips in their head.
Not potato chips...computer chips. :)

@Forgotten-"Man-Sometimes we have crutches and we do not even know it. I hope you can give up the internet and live a happy life."

Wise words from a wise wordsmith indeed. :)
the internet can be used wisely

and with "CAUTION" I had times when I was
about to go NUTS from working online
Coumputers in general aren't something to
joke with................

I guess you're right...... leaving the internet for
a while and breathing some fresh air
would be the best bet

congrats don't worry too much about
your decision it's a good one ;)
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