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giving up with a twist

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Yes its that time again....
After 8 months of being admitted thrown several times in a iso cell.
Being send from clinic too clinic they finally diagnosed me for final...
And the verdict was borderline personality disorder.
But theres a catch.....
The threatment they have for me is at the first clinic i started at...
The one where they let me rot in my room the entire day...
The clinic where i attempted for the very first time...
The clinic where i hit the doc in the face for sending me too a closed unit...
And theres another catch...
The threatment has a spot in about another 2 months so i will have too just wither away here on my own with nothing ...
Even my mother cried of anger when she heard the news.
Its prob hard too see her son wither away screaming for help and get his and her back thrown against a wall.
thursday i have another apointment for another clinic ...
And i prob wont survive that one.
I just cant keep standing upright and take the punches life is giving me atm .
Even if i try too get help i get slapped in the face with the truth of its not gonna happen...

Ill prob end up attempting again ending up in a coma again of a day or 2 waking up and starting all over again and again and again and again...
:i'm sorry:


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Hang in there and wait to see what the new clinic is like.
I know its awful when you can't get the right place or treatment, but its out there; its just tough on a person trying to find it. :hug:
I know it's hard, and frustrating, but you actually have good news here. Borderline personality disorder is very treatable once you get a handle on it things will start to look up.
I know most mental health centers, especially government run ones, are a bit cold and harsh and scary. I know that most of the time the people in charge of your care are blunt, rude and seem to be very judgmental, but please stick with it and hang on. You are in my thoughts.
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