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giving up

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I know I no longer have anything I want to live for. My dad who is my idol and everything as was my my mum til 6 years ago I am now planning how to go before he does cos i know i couldnt handle not having him in my life... it is getting very close for me for other things that are happening now in my life

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I don't think your dad would ever want you to harm you hun You stay and you carry on your dads memory okay you know he would not want you to harm you he would want you to stay and be happy
thanks for your thoughts but more than a week on I am still feeling the same, tried going to my local support group for the first time in weeks but had to leave early...maybe peace will come soon....there is no longer any joy in my life or anything to look forward to...I really do not feel safe being on my own at the moment
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