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giving up

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Me too...feel like giving up and scared.

Keep holding on sweetie :console:

I know how difficult it is, what a struggle it is.

I'm right here struggling with you.

**gentle hugs**


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I'm here for you anytime Mo..I know you are in pain but you need to keep pushing forward..One step at a time..Try useing positive thinking.. Maybe sit down and have a cup of coffee and write down the thoughts that come into your head.. Later on you can read what you wroye and ask yourself is that important or not..Sometimes we let thoughts in that have no place being there..Like I said I am here to talk to and you know how to get ahold of me...Take care!! Joseph


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I can hear you're struggling Mo...but hold on, keep fighting
it's a scarey feeling fighting those thoughts ...

do you have a doctor, meds? can you get them adjusted?
you've been really good to me and I care how you're feeling *hug*
I completely understand how you feel. At this very moment. But we should hold on to each other. And keep on fighting though there's no point at times. Always here if you need someone to talk to.


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Well I made I through the evening, no cut & no alcohol. So that's good. Thank you all. Pushed thoughts away .

IV... How have you been?
I'm doing slightly better on my new meds..thanks Mo
are you on meds? maybe they need adjusting or changing if you feel bad...

I didn't want to take them but it's way better than having the ''black dog'' follow me around..
Thanks Clairedelune - I hope today is a little easier for you.

IV - yes, am on meds. I didn't want to take them either. Oh well! Things just change around here and today is a milestone kind of day (waiting on test results) so things are a little more tense, freaky etc.

Just keep reminding myself to keep breathing deep and similar.

Am scared, but its beyond our control, will see what this afternoon brings.

Take care.
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