giving up

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    there is no point to living in pain anymore. all i do is hurt people and whats worse i dont remember doing whatever it is....just add that to my black list of symptoms that dont exist., according to doctors. 'nothings wrong with you' but they are wrong. i can see it even if no one else does. but what i cant see is how i have changed so much that ill hurt people without my knowledge or memory of it. i dont deserve a place here. i dont deserve anything....even death is too quick for me.

    mothers day is over i thought id feel better but i dont. i think its the realization that im now a step closer to her 5 yr....and i cant deal with that. ive got no one in rl to talk to and it is not fair or right for me to lay that burden on anyone here. im done talking of bullshit, im done feeling. im now the 'rock' that i always was and should have been. no more more
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    I was just talking to someone about how difficult this day is for so many...I am sorry that you feel you have to protect others by distancing experiences with you have been warm and gracious...I hope you remember that there is that side of you too
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    I agree with sadeyes..

    you have your Mums anniversary coming up hun?? anniversaries are always difficult and painful.
    I'm sorry the docs haven't helped you.
    you deserve to be here on this planet as much as any of us...
    please be gentle with yourself :hug: