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Glad i'm alive

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...Well, yeah. I've almost killed myself by jumping on a swimming poll by drowning myself. I had a rock tied to my neck, and about to jump, then i though about if there was an afterlife. I do believe that there is, but, if there... isn't an afterlife? What am i going to do? Then, i just untired the rope, and walked home. Well, if you wonder why i tried to suicide, it's because... Well, i have a girlfriend, we get along pretty well, she's hot, i have sex with her, however i felt multiple times completly empty inside myslef when i hung out/had sex with her so, after going to bed, i felt extremly depressed, and felt like my brain was going to exploe. I though i couldn't take the pain anymore so... :( I tried to suicide 3 days ago. Been sleeping fairly well these days. Hope i get better, and never feel depressed again.



The biggest loser ever to live.
Thats really great news, glad to see you took a 180 turn on your situation, I hope others can learn from your example. Best of luck to you, I hope you never have to cross hands with suicide again. :smile:
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