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Glad My Mom Supported Me

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Things are a little better. I just went through a rough time because this girl I liked for the past few weeks basically stood me up for a date in a way. She asked me to plan it all out but in the end gave me the cold shoulder. It could be that she was shallow since I told her I worked at a grocery store. Who knows, All I know is after I told her that her attitude changed. Keep in mind we are both around 20s so grocery store is the norm. The interesting thing is, she "was" friends with my mother. We met her at a place that helps people get jobs. And when I told my mom she was so surprised, at first it seemed like my mom took her side a little, but we came home today and when she saw the girl did not respond as of yet to my email. She said it would be in the girls better interest to never speak to her again. Guess that girl wasn't too bright, she lost a friend. :biggrin:

There is this girl at my job who is teaching me russian. Alot of russian students are in my area for the summer. And she is teaching me how to speak russian so I can ask out the russian girls. It's fun to learn, a little hard since some of the sounds are strange. But she taught me how to ask a girl to be my girlfriend, and other things like good, bad, hello, look, and how was your day. Hopefully one day I can become fluent. I must admit, the russian girls seem a little more nicer then most of the girls I interact with. They are not all super nice but most of them are. There is also this other sweet girl at my job but she already has a boyfriend, but I joke around and say romantic stuff to her in russian, I ofcoarse tell her it means something else. I guess I just felt like sharing this. For a few days I was sad and wondering if I was in a nightmare, I guess all I wanted in the end was support. I'm glad my mom supported me.

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glad too your mom was there to support you and your right it is her lost not your hun she lost a good friend how cruel of her to do what she did. You will find somone so much more deserving of your friendship hugs.


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That girl better look out, because if some one did that to my son she would be toast :laugh:
Am thinking your mum feels just the same way.
This girl who is teaching you russian, sounds like she likes you, who knows she may become more than a friend :unsure:
Whatever, there are plenty more fish in the sea and it sounds like you fancy russian fish :laugh:
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