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glad to find this forum.

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i have been severely depressed off and on since i was 11. ten years later i had my first serious suicide attempt. this was a couple weeks ago. i have wanted to kill myself before but was not sure how. i am a cutter and went in the shower, cut deep enough to find a vein and tried to slice it lengthwise. when the blood started pouring from a little nick, i couldn't see enough to open it any farther, which is why i didn't bleed to death. i think if i ever try this again, i will really concentrate on slicing it wide open.
but anyway.. i failed obviously. one of my dorm mates found me and called an ambulance. i spent 4 days in the hospital, 1 day in the psych ward. 15 stitches. i really just wanted to die beautiful. the caring and love friends and family gave me afterwards was worth the failure though.

i'm not sure what the point is here. maybe i'm just glad to tell my story. and it's nice finding this forum. i feel bad for the people in here who want to die, but i understand as well.

thanks for the read.



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:welcome: here

im so happy you were found and got help. this is a great community, lean on us and perhaps you want to tell us what brings you so down. youre in my thoughs and prayers, xxx Beret
I hope you don't try to take your life again...I know it can get tough...I used to try to think of harming myself with pain...but i couldn't think of any that didn't leave a possibility of me surviving and ending up worst than how I started...I'm glad you found suicide forum...It's my safe haven to talk about my feelings without fear of judgement.


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I too am glad you found us.:smile: THis international community of caring people saved my life when I came here in the depths of despair. We're good listeners so tell us anything you like, we'll not judge you for it. Tho you may not feel so, I believe there IS a reason you're still living. You have worth as a human being, whether you believe that or not. Welcome to the forum.:smile: I hope you can find the comfort you need here.

love and hugs,:hug: :flowers: :hug:

I am glad you were found by your dorm mates and the attempt was not successful. I hope you like our forum and find the comfort and support you need here. Please take care. :hug:


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If you can tear apart your arm like that, you are a warrior

You will do well living, with guts like that!
that's a very nice thing to say, and makes me feel better about living. thank you.
however, i find it very hard to cut deep without alcohol. if i could do these things without something for the pain, i'd be tougher.

thank you to everyone else who responded as well.
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