Glitches and Barriers

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    I am feeling at the center of a lot of attention,
    and this adds a sense of an emotional burden.
    Finding fault as to which I am,
    What I have become.
    Staying tuned to emotions
    Only makes it worse as I try to escape negative feelings
    Taking seriously all uninvited criticism
    As I consider my options carefully
    The risks I am considering
    Believed as a profound desire of mine
    Should be reviewed another day

    Standing back from the river of sentiment
    It runs through my system
    All the while, avoiding to feel it,
    Uncertainty reins, scribing it in detail.
    Even those I know best
    Are locked out of my deepest thoughts
    Intensions not to be shared
    Imagination and thinking the possibilities
    Only I know the difference
    And will never tell a soul

    Anxiety has become a stronger enemy
    It is unwise to rehash the same old
    Self-destructive ideas that keep me miserable
    Things seem a bit more vague
    If I am not my history, why then, do I repeat them
    Taking a second look at which has not succeeded
    I'm at the whim of my imagination
    Possible solutions present themselves
    Confidence and ingenuity recognize opportunity and options
    A definitive one isn't easy to choose
    Something I am often scared witless by

    Creative Dreams sometimes help reorder life
    Indulging in the Fantasy is a waste of time
    It impels me to focus on my intension
    Something physical and real
    It won't be the fall, but the sudden stop at the end
    Sometimes what seems "right" changes, and
    My energy gets directed outward
    Manifesting the ideas that I store up inside
    Away from everything, I want to cry
    Wondering will anyone notice
    What I have done. I'm dead
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.