god dam chicken

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    God i hate me so much. i need to end this - its all im worth. i need to just disappear. and when i get a chance to what do i do - i come home. i am such a chicken. i hate it. i hate me. i hate everything to do with me. people say they like me. that they care. but nobody knows me. nobody really knows what i am. who i am. im evil. getting closer to the op. i hope it fails. i hope that this is it. if god really is great and makes people happy then he will do this one thing. he wouldnt miss me.

    im sorry

    Clare x
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    Thats just not true, you are not a chicken, you are strong person to come close and walk away, I have said this before on here, but having been there, it doesn't take a great deal of personal strength to throw the towel in and call it a day, its not a noble and selfless act, that will make the world a better place, I'm not a big believer in god, never have been, but if he is out there, then I'm sure he is doing the best that can just the same as the rest of us, no ones perfect, no even god, how else to explain flying things that can sting you, train time tables or the fact that when you are in a rush the next available Taxi is in half an hour ?

    From what I have seen of life, which isn't a huge amount, even at my age, is that truely evil people, have no idea they are evil at all, think about it, think back in history, the evil that men and women have done, has always been done, by the most self-richeous of persons, sure that they were leading the way forward.

    Take care, try to relax a little, easyer said than done I know, but things can get better, do get better, they did for me, for the moment at least, so there is hope ofr us all. lol lol lol